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Who Will Reshuffle The Master?

By Correspondent , 27 , Oct 2017

By Noah Mangwarara. (News Of The South) - The prevailing order is that continued corruption has swallowed the Zimbabwe economy dry. No industry, no jobs, no justice, no currency, failed .. Read More →

Sethule Tshuma Strives To Improve Women’s Socio Economic Status In The UK

By Correspondent , 21 , Oct 2017

By Ndaba Nhuku. I love courageous women out there to change the world; be it politically, socially, economically or otherwise. These are women challenging the paternalistic societies that are dominant .. Read More →

How Amazon reviews became the new battlefield of US politics

By Correspondent , 12 , Oct 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-There are stars that twinkle and shine in the firmament and yet others that determine the destiny of authors. In the case of the latter, every .. Read More →

Lack of Women in China’s Politics Unlikely to Change

By Correspondent , 12 , Oct 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-China’s Communist Party holds its party congress and makes leadership changes once every five years.     The next congress takes place later this month. Many .. Read More →

When Vain Politicians Stumble onto Power

By Mumera Wisdom , 02 , Oct 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Joyce Mujuru as a politician is essentially the creation three ills, the unholy trinity of state propaganda, maritally transmitted eminence and the machinations of bigger .. Read More →

Moffat and Rhodes As Friends of the Failed African Liberator

By Mumera Wisdom , 22 , Sep 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-The Zimbabwe Heritage Trust held a crash course in consciousness raising for a group of musicians that expectedly and beautiful crashed.   Who still has the .. Read More →

How roadblocks in Zimbabwe fund police

By Correspondent , 20 , Sep 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Zimbabwean motorists are being ripped off at police roadblocks as part of a deliberate strategy by the Zimbabwean government to fund the country’s under-resourced police .. Read More →

Tired of the Tales Now

By Mumera Wisdom , 14 , Sep 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Pres Mugabe opened the 8th session of Parliament on Wednesday to much opposition consternation over the apparent Constitutional abuse by the old leader. He was .. Read More →

Kenya’s Supreme Court has given an impossible deadline for the repeat election

By Correspondent , 12 , Sep 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-The Kenyan Supreme Court has found that the August 8 presidential election result is invalid. It blames the electoral commission, not the declared winner, Uhuru .. Read More →