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What`s Your Purpose In life

By Correspondent , 21 , Jul 2014

By Pearson Mbendera (New Of The South) - Open up a history book and you will read the fascinating stories of men and women who helped shape the world as .. Read More →

Procrastination: Creating The Illusion Of Time

By Correspondent , 19 , Jul 2014

By Pearson Mbendera (News Of The South) - We all have a to-do list, which has a number of all the plans we need to execute. But it’s not every .. Read More →

Meet Me Before Evolution Tomorrow

By Correspondent , 03 , Jul 2014

By Wisdom Mumera News Of The South)-You have to cast off the weighty shackles of a false evolution and the false gospel of our global commune before you can begin .. Read More →

Goodluck Jonathan Most Likely To Win 2015 Nigerian Election

By Correspondent , 04 , Jun 2014

By Truth Shall Prevail Group There are Nigerians who have perfected the art of blackmail. Some have descended to the bizarre extent of acting as fifth columnists to denigrate the .. Read More →

Reversal Of Indigenisation A Sign Of The Confusion Within The Ruling Party?

By Correspondent , 27 , May 2014

By Tonderai Muzana Zimbabwe - Reversal, thank you but is it not too late?. Our politicions from the ruling party have given in and admitted that the indigenisation is flawed .. Read More →

Opposition MDC T’s Uncostitutional Means To Topple Mugabe Undemocratic

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 20 , May 2014

By Takudzwa Mashumba and Tonderai Muzana Zimbabwe - 'Why should we keep a president who goes for medical check-ups after three months? no we cannot do that this time when .. Read More →

Is Tsvangirai A Rising Dictator?

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 12 , May 2014

By Daniel Muzana and Takudzwa Mashumba Zimbabwe - MDC -T is on the verge of splitting and by so doing reducing its strength which was once too much that the .. Read More →

Prosperity Gospel, Who Is Prospering?

By Lazarus Sauti , 10 , Mar 2014

Lazarus Sauti One of the most used words in religious circles these days is prosperity – Prosperity gospel; God want you to prosper; you are born to prosper; prosperity is .. Read More →

Nigeria At 100, One Of The Fastest Growing Nations In The World: Prince Tonye

By Correspondent , 01 , Mar 2014

Looking around our country, it is not hard to focus first on the differences between us and dwell on the numerous negatives of today. Easy to miss the positives and .. Read More →