Our Commitment
We are committed to delivering factual news and opinions as we cover all aspects all the different communities we live in.

We do not discriminate, we report it as it happens, how it happened and as it is.

It is our moral obligation to inform the readers about what is taking place in the world.

News of The South is an online newspaper that independently delivers news and has no political ties, it is a publication which aims at informing educating and entertaining the world.We are therefore accountable for what we do and we do it best. We are professional, committed,approachable, transparent, independent, trustworthy and reliable.

Our Objectives

We aspire to be the best media house and to tap into the untapped world to cover stories and news that is usually left out. We cater for breaking news, community, social, business and development news in the Southern region of Africa as our base. We cover the whole of Africa and also have an international section that caters for worldwide news.
We aim to provide our readers with up to date information and provide news that everyone can rely on as we uphold our professionalism to the best of our ability.
We value our readers’ suggestions, criticism and we always have time to listen. Our team of experienced professionals are there to give support to upcoming professionals and develop them to their highest standards.