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Forget Motivational Stories: Write Your Own

By Correspondent , 22 , Jan 2014

By Pearson Mbendera I have read a lot of motivational stories, one too many if you ask me. I got hooked on them the moment I read an excerpt of .. Read More →

Living The Dream…. You Can make It

By Correspondent , 02 , Jan 2014

By Vimbai Muchapondwa God has made all things new. Expect and be ready to embrace the good things in store for you this 2014! It’s a new year with new .. Read More →

Make Friends Before You Need Them

By Correspondent , 20 , Dec 2013

By Masimba Mukichi The adage make friends before you need them aptly sums the urgency which is there for us to make friends. If we delay in making friends when .. Read More →

Media Debates Corrupted By False Patriotism

By Correspondent , 19 , Dec 2013

By Wisdom Mumera Harare 19 December 2013 –Over time the media has downgraded political debates into simple battles of binary poles to an extent where logic has been foiled by .. Read More →

The Day After Politics Of Attrition

By Correspondent , 18 , Dec 2013

By Wisdom Mumera On the fresh morning after the village battle silence is always a heavy fog, sitting in the air like a foreign feeling. The whimpers of the wounded .. Read More →

Economic Democracy: When The Soul Benefits From The Worldly

By Correspondent , 17 , Dec 2013

By Wisdom Mumera Harare 17 December 2013-Recently Ambassador Bruce Wharton, America’s local face and ZDERA’s nearest point of origin was waxing lyrical about a US$64 000 gift from dear Uncle .. Read More →

What Not To do When Holidaying Abroad

By Correspondent , 26 , Nov 2013

By Masimba Mukichi Many people in the United Kingdom spend many months saving for a dream holiday abroad – indeed this is cool; make hay whilst the sun lasts- life .. Read More →

Why UK Zimbabwean Women Are Wearing Trousers

By Correspondent , 15 , Nov 2013

By Masimba Mukichi Zimbabwean women are ‘wearing trousers ‘in relationships in the UK. What is the root cause? There is a grave concern among men in the UK, that Zimbabwean .. Read More →

Gadafism: An African Hero`s Legacy Lives On

By Correspondent , 25 , Oct 2013

By ZBC News This week marks the two-year anniversary of the Western-backed assassination of one of Africa’s greatest leaders: Libya’s former president, Muammar Gaddafi. His crime was Gaddafism: an ideology .. Read More →