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Economic Democracy: When The Soul Benefits From The Worldly

By Correspondent , 17 , Dec 2013

By Wisdom Mumera Harare 17 December 2013-Recently Ambassador Bruce Wharton, America’s local face and ZDERA’s nearest point of origin was waxing lyrical about a US$64 000 gift from dear Uncle .. Read More →

What Not To do When Holidaying Abroad

By Correspondent , 26 , Nov 2013

By Masimba Mukichi Many people in the United Kingdom spend many months saving for a dream holiday abroad – indeed this is cool; make hay whilst the sun lasts- life .. Read More →

Why UK Zimbabwean Women Are Wearing Trousers

By Correspondent , 15 , Nov 2013

By Masimba Mukichi Zimbabwean women are ‘wearing trousers ‘in relationships in the UK. What is the root cause? There is a grave concern among men in the UK, that Zimbabwean .. Read More →

Gadafism: An African Hero`s Legacy Lives On

By Correspondent , 25 , Oct 2013

By ZBC News This week marks the two-year anniversary of the Western-backed assassination of one of Africa’s greatest leaders: Libya’s former president, Muammar Gaddafi. His crime was Gaddafism: an ideology .. Read More →

Africa Should Adopt Biogas For Rural Development

By Lazarus Sauti , 22 , Oct 2013

Lazarus Sauti Africa is a continent gifted with renewable energy sources. The unfortunate thing is that the continent is yet to use these resources to improve the livelihood of its .. Read More →

Does Africa Need The ICC?

By Best Masinire , 14 , Oct 2013

"For Africa, the reform of the United Nations Security Council is especially long overdue. The anachronistic and unrepresentative character of the Security Council must be redressed. For how long should .. Read More →

Africa And The International Criminal Court

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 12 , Oct 2013

Why do some African nations want to withdraw membership with International Criminal Court ICC? Is it because they have committed heinous crimes against their people? Is it because the ICC .. Read More →

Africa Must Thrive To Protect Its Biodiversity

By Lazarus Sauti , 12 , Oct 2013

The African continent is endowed with a rich diversity of life form which provides ecosystem services such as food, medicine energy sources and building and craft materials as well as .. Read More →

Wither The Sunshine City?

By Correspondent , 11 , Oct 2013

By Wiseman Nyika For some of us who grew up in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, it has been always a pleasure beyond measure to find a chance to visit .. Read More →