By Munesu Chigada

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South) – The Zimbabwe Communist Party (ZCP) has trashed local opposition parties accusing them of lacking coherent strategies and ideologies that will be able to provide access to wealth for the poor.


ZCP’s newly appointed national political commissar, Ian Beddowes said the MDC-T and other opposition parties do not have a coherent ideology and, as a result, they were not going to be able to represent the aspirations of the working poor.


Beddowes said even though his party will not be contesting the 2018 elections they are other ways through which they can have input.


“The other political parties in the country do not have a coherent ideology”


“For now we are going to encourage productive capitalism and take the economy to the people. We want every district, city to have a plan on how to redistribute wealth to our people,” he said.


He said that his party aimed at advocating for “productive capitalism” which would see the country’s wealth being returned to the


Beddowes described his organisation as the “vanguard party” that would “restore the country’s wealth into the hands of ordinary masses”.


“We’ve set up the first communist party in Zimbabwe and we are in the process of forming a vanguard party that will see the working people of Zimbabwe, especially the poor, having their share in the country’s wealth,” said Beddowes


“We are a group of committed people who are politically active in other organisation that also include the so called opposition parties. We even have people who are interested in joining us within the ranks of the ruling party”


“Therefore, we’re going to play a significant role in influencing policy decision that would be beneficial to the working poor,” said Beddowes.


Beddowes said the ZPC wanted to build a national democratic economy based on “the self-activity of the working-people and the restoration of production”.


ZPC was currently being led by its general secretary Nicholas Mabhena

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  • Ian Beddowes

    On the question of ‘Productive Capitalism’. In the way that this was reported after a phone interview, it would seem that the Zimbabwe Communist Party has abandoned socialism in favour of a modified form of neo-liberalism!

    Let me set the record straight. There is no possibility of introducing socialism into the economic wasteland that Zimbabwe has become without an intermediate form of economic organization. This we refer to as the building of a National Democratic Economy.

    The Rhodesians, under sanctions, built a very strong National Economy through National Planning. Zimbabwe inherited this form of economy and for the first 11 years of Independence, almost everything that we bought in Zimbabwe was made in Zimbabwe. Then the imperialist countries told our leaders that National Planning was a BAD THING that should never be mentioned and that “Market Forces” should determine how our economy should operate and that “Making Money Makes Sense” and we listened and we all became millionaires and then billionaires. Even now National Planning is a VERY OBSCENE PHRASE which ALL the leaders of ALL the electoral parties, including the ruling party are afraid to talk about because some Western economists have told them not to. Unfortunately the reporter that I talked to seems to have absorbed the mindset of these party leaders and did not mention that this is central to our strategy.

    The Rhodesians had a National Plan which was very successful, but it was not a National DEMOCRATIC Plan. Their plan was, of course, geared to the interests of the white minority. According to the vision of the Zimbabwe Communist Party we should begin with a Draft National Plan drawn up by planning professionals. That Draft National Plan must be discussed in every Ward. from there, Ward representatives must get together, every District and Town must have a Plan, every Province must have a Plan and from there must be a final National Plan which has become the property of the whole country.

    In order to implement such a programme successfully, government must have ownership or at least control of the commanding heights of the economy, banks, mines, iron and steel, major transport. We must reverse at an early stage all the privatization of public property that has taken place since ESAP. The banks, which produce nothing, must not be more profitable than productive industry. from the bottom up we need to restore both collective co-operatives like Simukai and Vuka Zenzele and producer marketing co-operatives like Dairibord and Cotton marketing Board.

    In between, it would be impossible for government to run everything. This is where we need productive capitalism which will open manufacturing companies within the plan. We say productive capitalism as opposed to the parasitic capitalism which closes down industry instead of opening it and the capitalism of buying and selling money without production.

  • Wizzy

    Isn’t Gvt doing something like that as with Command economics as propounded by VP Mnangagwa?

  • Ian Beddowes

    There is slowly a recognition inside ZANU(PF) that it has messed up badly. The scary phrase “command economics” is used by the neo-liberals — who are very content for transnational corporations to plan — but not governments. Of course any degree of planning is better than no planning at all and a completely moribund economy. However, planning is not an end in itself, it must benefit the majority. The Rhodesians were very good planners but by no stretch of the imagination could you call them socialists! They planned for the interest of the white minority. It is clear that the kind of planning Mnangagwa is advocating, though an improvement on the current unplanned chaos, is for the benefit of the keeping the ZANU elite in power and will be based on patronage. In The ZCP concept of economic planning, the whole nation will be involved in the formulation of the National Plan.

  • Red Greek Revolution

    Comrade besides the party’s facebook page do you have an official webpage, I am really interested on your party as a communist from Greece.

  • Ian Beddowes

    We now have a Facebook page. We hope to have a website by the New Year. If you want our literature contact

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