The Anatomy of Party Capture

By Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Your Excellency and fellow Politburo members, a lot has happened since our last Politburo meeting where Professor Jonathan Moyo brought to this esteemed house what he said was an exposure of my alleged State Capture activities, Media Capture, Military Capture, successionist plan among issues.

As I promised that I would respond to these and other issues, I stand here today before you to unpack Professor Moyo’s serious allegations as contained in his presentation.

As you might all remember, I asked for a copy of Professor Moyo’s presentation in order to prepare for my response but it was never delivered to me for obvious reasons which I will now unravel.
And thank God, the refusal to give me his presentation has only helped to show the man that his and what he seeks to achieve.

My task was made easier by this man you see sitting here and whom I have said is CIA Agent working to infiltrate and destroy our Party.

I can tell you Your Excellency, the same presentation, including audio recordings of discussions of the last Politburo meeting done by Professor Moyo were delivered to Western Embassies by his right hand man Edmund Kudzayi, a man I shall talk about in detail later in my presentation.

On August 3 2017, the United States Embassy Senior Management and its Intelligence operatives met and discussed issues that we deliberated on here using a recording they have confirmed was made by Professor Moyo.
This was well before he released the same presentation to the media, which he now claims was stolen from him when we all know that he is the one who leaked it, the same way he has been leaking sensitive Government and Party information to his handlers.

His decision to distribute the proceedings of the meeting confirms who his handlers are and his not so hidden intentions in so far as his project to destroy ZANU PF from within is concerned.

If anyone doubted the source of previous leaks of Politburo and other high level Government meetings, here is the man. Whatever we are discussing in the Party and Government to push the country forward is easily being countered by our detractors using this charlatan.
Your Excellency if you needed confirmation that Professor Moyo is a CIA Agent, just ask him how he managed to deceive everyone here to bring gadgets that recorded our meeting and send the same to Western Embassies who have confirmed that the audio recording was handed over to them by Edmund Kudzayi.

There is more.

On 19 August 2017 it emerged that Kudzayi was the one behind the presentation made by Professor Moyo in our last Politburo meeting.
I will quote from a story that was published by Newsday.

Kudzayi caused the politburo video titled Mnangagwa Succession Plot Expose by Jonathan Moyo — Zanu PF Politburo Meeting, to be pulled down from social media site YouTube over alleged copyright infringement.

The video which was put up by 1stTV was pulled down after Kudzayi through his Digital Assets (Private)) Limited claimed it had property rights over the production.

“Your video has been taken down. A claimant sent us a legal notice about their copyrighted content in your video. As a result, your video has been removed from YouTube,” part of a notice on YouTube read.

Equally astounding are the lies being created with regards to my poisoning.
I can tell you with certainty that he is one who authored the report he presented to you over what he claimed happened in Masvingo during the late Shuvai Mahofa’s funeral.

What we now have is a situation where we have been compromised by Professor Moyo who trades sensitive information to hostile Governments.

I want to refresh your memories and remind you that we grappled with the Baba Jukwa issue and not surprisingly, the same people accused of being behind that project are the same people whom I can tell you not only recorded the Politburo meeting but gave it to Western Governments.

The question that I ask is; what else has been recorded and given to our enemies?

When we do planning are we sure that our enemies are not ahead of us?
Professor Moyo I challenge you to confirm or deny that you recorded us and gave information to Western Embassies.
Your Excellency, I put it to you that even American Ambassador Harry Thomas, and his colleagues can confirm what I have just said.

Secondly, after Professor Moyo refused to give me a copy of his presentation, we now find in the same media which he claimed I had captured.

Again I ask, who leaked that presentation to the media?

Let me get deeper with my presentation.

Your Excellency, I will give an overview of Professor Moyo’s successionist project in which characters like Dr Gideon Gono, Dr Ibbo Mandaza, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere to mention but a few are actively participating while using my name as convenience to mask their plot.
Although the above mentioned trio have one thing in common, that is destroying ZANU PF and tarnishing my image, their destinies are separate as they all use the succession issue to achieve their objective.

Professor Moyo has been luring Dr Gono, telling him that they will make him the country’s next President and I can tell you that there was a picture which circulated in the media where Professor Moyo was standing together with former advisor to Morgan Tsvangirai, Dr Alex Magaisa and Cde Kasukuwere at The Plot Restaurant.

Dr Gono was also present but he refused to be part of the picture crew, and this has been confirmed by Dr Alex Magaisa as well as his female companion who is well known to Professor Moyo and who happened to have accompanied him for coffee at that restaurant.

In return of the proposed Dr Gono presidential bid, Professor Moyo then pressured Dr Gono to use his influence as a shareholder in Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) and push Daily News Editor Hama Saburi to give the G40 Project positive coverage.

Added to that, on June 1 2017, Professor Moyo here made a presentation at SAPES Trust, a haven for regime change programmes where he made insinuations to the effect that Dr Sydney Sekeremayi was fit to succeed you.

Two issues that emerge here are;
By embarking on that route, Professor Moyo was openly talking about succession which issue you have said Your Excellency is not debatable. He is yet to be censured for dabbling in that issue.

By going to SAPES whose owner Dr Mandaza has been since late last year pushing for a National Transitional Authority (NTA), it effectively points towards a sinister joining of like minds between Professor Moyo and Dr Mandaza.

The idea then is to talk about succession outside the Party domain and then smuggle it in as is happening now.

This brings us to the question, who are the real successionists in ZANU PF?

The real successionist is Professor Moyo who is ably supported by Vice President Mphoko and Cde Kasukuwere here.

I ask VP Mphoko if he has ever given His Excellency minutes of the numerous meeting they hold at Number 4 Coffee Road?

Their Aides can confirm spending loads of time waiting for these men to finish their meetings which in most cases run into wee hours of the night.
Ironically they accuse me of holding clandestinely holding meetings and embarking on what they have christened a ‘whisper campaign’ without providing any evidence to back their spurious allegations.

To demonstrate that these men are vehemently opposed to your Presidency Your Excellency, these men spearheaded the negation of One Centre of Power principle which was a direct challenge to your leadership.

It is a matter of public record that it was Cde Dickson Mafios and Cde Kasukuwere who pushed for the whittling of your powers saying you should be elected at Congress.

On January 9 2017 Cde Kasukuwere called for a Commissariat Management Meeting here at the Party Headquarters, and members present at that meeting can testify that Cde Kasukuwere here publicly said the One Centre of Power Principle was undemocratic.
He vowed to fight it.

And he fought it.

To buttress his exasperation with the One Centre of Power Principle, Cde Kasukuwere personally instructed his media henchmen, Everson Mushava of Newsday and Fungai Kwaramba of the Daily News respectively to write stories attacking the Principle as well my person

I shall deal with the Mushava and Kwaramba issue in detail in this presentation.

The following day Newsday had this headline, ‘G40 hunts VP, Team Lacoste’ while the Daily News ran a story under the headline ‘ZANU PF Revolts against Mngangagwa’.

This is why we must look closely at Dr Mandaza’s NTA project.
The NTA project being spearheaded by Dr Mandaza and ably supported by Professor Moyo and Cde Kasukuwere is the new regime change project where a transitional government is forced on to the people of Zimbabwe outside electoral processes.

These people have been selling the narrative that there is a leadership vacuum in Zimbabwe, citing your age and alleged incapacity to handle state affairs as reasons for urgent need to a so-called transitional government.

A pointer is the SAPES Trust Convention held from June 29-30 2017 here in Harare at Rainbow Towers under the theme Zimbabwe in Transition; Reform and Reconstruction.

How can a SAPES Trust that gave Professor Moyo a platform to talk about succession, do any good to the country?

How can a Zimbabwe with an able leadership as yours be said to be in transition?

Professor Moyo has been consistent in his quest for succession before he joined ZANU PF and now when he is a member of the Party where he hobnobs with the likes of SAPES Trust and Chatham House.
Is it not then clear who a successionist is?

Why talk about transition and succession when we still have an able leader who has been endorsed by the Party?

This then takes me to the current problems being created through unmitigated and relentless lies by Professor Moyo and Cde Kasukuwere who are in fact successionists professing fake love for you.

History which Professor Moyo is trying to rewrite is the best teacher in this regard.

ZANU PF’s history is replete with cases of members who have sought to divide the Party but not since the entrance in 2000 of Professor Moyo has the Party been confronted with the many threats to its survival as is the case now.

Your Excellency and fellow Politburo members, the Party today is faced with the case of two divisive individuals, Professor Moyo and Cde Kasukuwere whose insatiable quest for power is a matter of public record.

The two gentlemen in question have been relentless in their feverish pursuit for power as seen by previous and current actions which have rode on a divisive propaganda project whose thrust is to institute what they believe is regime evolution.

I have seen in the media stories saying I would bring past articles that were authored by Professor Moyo in order to prove my innocence.
You were very correct in those stories you fed to the media, but what you forgot to mention to those people is that shiri ine muriro wayo haiuregi.

You have been consistent in your pursuit for succession and I have been consistent in defending this man from your unrestrained successionist onslaught.

Where your past articles spoke comprehensively about succession, your actions today are even more pronounced about this stern push for the same issue.

Your SAPES Trust presentation is just but one of the many instances where your past articles prove today that your stance as seen by your past writings now gallantly manifests in the scary route you have taken today.

Where consistency in the succession issue is the trademark of your politics, defending President Robert Mugabe is the underlying factor of my politics.

So yes I have brought those articles to prove your consistency in your pursuit for succession.

I am now proving how you intend to achieve this succession issue that you hold dearly in your heart.

In order to achieve this Your Excellency and fellow Politburo members, these gentlemen have been working in cahoots with opposition formations particularly the MDC-T and using my name as a decoy to hide their sinister project.

They have also been using various strategies which I will unravel as I go further with my presentation.

I will start with Professor Moyo.
It is clear from his utterances before he joined ZANU PF that Professor Moyo has harboured an agenda of destroying the Party whether from within (Statements which have been attributed to him) or otherwise.

These statements which have haunted his entire his career as a ZANU PF member are the same he sought to retract while officiating at the Zimbabwe National Editors’ Forum (ZINEF) Annual General meeting on January 23 2015 but in the process exposing a more brutal analogy to his project.

During the ZINEF meeting, Moyo claimed that he had merely said ZANU PF must be ‘reformed’ from within.
I will quote him.

Now, if your uneducated mind translates reform as destruction, to hell with you. That is not my problem and I want to repeat that very statement that the best way to reform ZANU PF is from within, come and join us.

Cde President and fellow Politburo members, I have been trying to understand how a Party solid as ZANU PF can at any given time be said to be in need of reform or be said to have been reformed.

Perhaps Moyo can help me and others understand the import of that loaded statement.

In my view his article ZANU PF: An Introspection (Sunday Mail, August 7 2011) where he identified and I quote ‘at least seven current and critical national questions’ lays bare some critical insights into his so-called reform agenda.

In that article Moyo says ‘some comrades in the nationalist movement in general and in ZANU PF in particular seem to be afraid of change.’

What change and who are ‘some’ of these Comrades that seem to be afraid of change I ask?

Change from what to what if I may add.
Which brings me back to my earlier location of Professor Moyo and Cde Kasukuwere’s links with the opposition MDC-T.

Together they have formed an alliance with their collaborators within the MDC-T and their thrust as the progressive elements they say they are is to remove the older generation surrounding you through means outside normal processes.
Nelson Chamisa confided with one of his friends that their plan is to among other things cause the purge of the Party’s senior leadership, one by one in order to create a free pathway for them to power.

In Chamisa’s own words ‘we need to deal with His Excellency in order to determine the future of ZANU PF’.
While Professor Moyo has in recent times sought to attack my person, office both in the Party and in Government through accusing me of embarking on what he calls State Capture, it is him who is on the contrary doing exactly that which he is accusing me of.

Evidence of his nefarious agenda is abundant and today I stand here to expose him for who he really is and what he been planning to do.

I will make reference to his articles, statements, actions and other material that has been written elsewhere to buttress my point.

In the same vein, I will bring to your attention the numerous incidences that he has confirmed that he is indeed working to destroy ZANU PF whether from within or from the outside.

For instance, an article in The Telegraph by Paul Lord in Harare 12:08AM GMT 06 Mar 2005 when Moyo was planning to form what he called the ‘Third Force’ is a case in reference.

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