By Ndaba Nhuku.

I suppose nothing is bad and repulsive like being addressed as FORMER state vice president when you were actually sacked  from the position. Sadly, its not something one can ask the likes of former VP Mujuru and just sacked former VP Mnangagwa.

I can only empathise with them and try to visualise what they are going through. We are told these are individuals who joined the party when they were still very young. One can not doubt that like every politician they aspired to be rise through the ranks and reach the ultimate position of being president. Sadly, by Zanu standards, they were over ambitious. They knew their party, they had survived and lived through its internal struggles within the struggles. They should have known how far they could practically aspire and  go!

Mnangagwa who has always been quick to remind his party rivals about his loyalty to Mugabe as his right hand man for decades has surely seen, and even helped, with ensuring those who opposed Mugabe never stayed in the party. He has never stopped telling us he knows Mugabe better than everyone else. His fervent supporters also bought into this naïve belief and made it their rallying point against the perceived G40, even after claiming the First Lady was its leader. His supporters would boldily ask; can Mugabe hand over power to the typist he met recently at the expense of his right hand comrade? One would ask, did they not know that Grace Mugabe is Mugabe’s wife, mother of his children?

One wonders how Mnangagwa would know better Mugabe more than the woman he fathered three children with? And did they expect Mugabe to abandone his wife who was now under siege from within the party? For Mnangagwa, this is sad because he had dragged Grace into politics to help get rid of his rivalry Mujuru on the basis that Mujuru was being defended by Mugabe and would thus not refuse vacating the position if forced out by Mugabe’s wife. Bad calculation. The sad reaklity is Mnangagwa is now former VP just like his nemesis former VP  Mujuru in the Zanu baggage of political depression and archives.

So what next for  for mer VP Mnangagwa if he is no longer a minister and has become a mere card carrying member of the party? Will he stay in Zanu as a mere member? What will be his chances of taking over the party? I don’t see that happening even after Mugabe is dead. Politics is an ever crowded field even if there are clowns with no leadership qualities. No one is ever assured of easy ride as a leader in a party as old and been in power for so long like Zanu. Like Mujuru he will find it hard to stay in unwelcoming Zanu where he is viewed as an enemy of the party. On the hand, it is only in Zanu that he can resuscitate his political fortunes and be appointed a minister. Mnangagwa has significant tribal support, not to count his vociferous insignificant supporters. Zanu needs his support to win the 2018 elections convincingly. However, Zanu can still go ahead and win with a slim margin without Masvingo. Midlands doesn’t support Mnangagwa as we made to believe otherwise he wouldn’t have been beaten by then unknown MDC legislator Chebendo.  His popular support is overally unknown and certainly not a threat to anyone because by nature Mnangagwa is not a politically appealing man and is not electable in a fair contest, hence his overwhelming loss to Chibendo,

 Can he, like Mujuru form his won party? I doubt he can succeed as he allowed his supporters, and amazingly made the blunder himself too, of advocating for tribal support. He can not form a party mainly for Makaranga and walk to state house. His speaking of ‘Masvingo nad Midlands being soverign regions with a right to support their own’ was a huge repulsive statement as it alienated other regions and tribes. Anational leader must appeal nationally. Forming his own party is a non starter for his rivals will use the tribal tag he allowed his supporters to nosily call for. The noise along ‘it’s the turn of Makaranga kuchipindawo paStateHouse’ was huge turn off to others. As already stated, Mnangagwa is not politically appealing, and has been seen as a feared politician without respect. The recent tribal loyalty and noise around his name can not lead to state house.

Mnangagwa doesn’t have any support from seasoned politicians after betraying them all at their time of need. Many fell by the side for supporting him when all he did was exonerate himself and disown them before Mugabe. He thus can not lead a party with a few noisy unprincipled and repulsive characters whose speciality is insulting rivals without offering any substantive arguments about why Mnangagwa should succeed Mugabe

Can he get into state house via a military coup?  I very much doubt that and thus dismiss the diea contemptuously. Are all security leaders from the Karanga tribe? Who said they are loyal to him and not Zimbabwe? Was Mnangangwa a military man for the security forces to owe him and resemblance of loyalty? Does the military leadership risk general alienation from the region and civilian population just please a man who has never fought for the army when resources were depleted in treasury? I certainly don’t understand why many analysts think Mnangagwa is afavoured by the army. Why would it not favour Sekeramai who has been a defence minister for a longer period? It is therefore unlikely that the ZNA can stage a coup just install ED in power.

What then is the best option for ED? At his age what is he going to offer Zimbabwe that he failed do as a minister since independence and as deputy president, under the same Presdent Mugabe his supporters claim has overstayed. If Mugabe has over stayed, so has Mnangagwa. The best option for managagwa is to go and tend to his numerous farms and produce crpops for the nation. He needs to retire in dignity without the embarrassment that has befallen the likes of Mutasa and Bhasikiti. As per his advice to Mutasa and others, it is cold outside Zanu as long as you are making unpleasant political noise.

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