By Wallace Mawire.

Harare. (News Of The South) – Zimbabwe will on October 28 to 30, 2015 host the African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) fifth Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-V) in the resort town of Victoria Falls under the theme: “Africa, Sustainable Development and Climate Change: prospects of Paris and beyond”, according to communication received from James Murombedzi, Senior Climate Change Expert (Political),African Climate Policy Center at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Murombedzi sent the notice of communication to host the conference to Elisha Moyo, Principal Climate Change Researcher/ CCDA-V LOC Member, Climate Change Management Department in Zimbabwe’s, Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate.

“Find attached the call to this conference. I urge you to read through, act and disseminate accordingly. A Zimbabwean side event or climate activity conference is on the cards to capitalise on this activity. We are delighted to be hosting this as Zimbabwe and co-organising the conference,” Murombedzi said.

According to information sent to the local environment ministry by Murombedzi, the Climate Change and Development Africa (CCDA) is an annual forum designed to bolster
linkages between climate science and development policy by promoting transparent discussions between key stakeholders in the climate and development community.

CCDA seeks to mainstream climate information into decision making and strengthen capacities focusing on climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture, food security, energy and transport. CCDA convenes researchers, policy makers and development practitioners, climate scientists, user groups and other stakeholders to deliberate contemporary climate change issues and contribute towards the identification and elaboration of appropriate responses, including providing support for policy responses, mitigation, adaptation and technological innovations, among others.

It is reported that previous CCDA forums have discussed issues of climate science and policy, and emphasized the need to use climate science and climate information to support the development process.

The themes of previous CCDA conferences have been “Development First, Addressing Climate Change in Africa” (CCDA – I); “Advancing Knowledge, Policy and Practice on Climate Change and Development” (CCDA – II); “Africa on the rise: can the opportunities from climate change spring the continent to transformative development?” (CCDA – III); “Africa can feed Africa now: translating climate knowledge into action” (CCDA- IV).

It is further reported that CCDA-V will be a moment of reflection on the performance of the UNFCCC in achieving its stated objectives of emissions reduction and sustainable development as detailed in Article 2 of the convention with particular reference to Africa. Issues of greenhouse gas stabilization and the implications of global warming for Africa’s sustainable development will be addressed through a review and analysis of the interactions between climate sciences and policy in the global climate governance framework.

The transition to a post-Kyoto climate governance framework is an opportune moment to engage the African continent and the world in such a review. The review will reflection on the African climate change experiences under the Kyoto Protocol, and seek to inform the emerging Paris framework. The reflections will also set the basis for developing climate sensitive development policies and processes in Africa in the post Paris period.

Specifically, CCDA-V in Zimbabwe will seek to:
Deepen understanding of the role of climate data, information services and climate knowledge in development planning and climate proofing Africa’s economic development, Share experiences and deepen understanding of climate trends and the impacts of climate change in key development sectors in Africa, and the implications of these experiences for the continent’s sustainable development, Contribute towards the development of common African positions regarding the post Kyoto global climate governance regime, Anticipate the outcomes of Paris and initiate preparations for the implementation of the post Paris, such as the INDCs currently under preparation, Build on the recommendations of the Fourth Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa and the climate research frontiers identified at the 2013 African Climate Conference, and to continue to be the main African platform for networking between climate and development stakeholders.

Climate chane Addis Ababa. (Photo credits: Wallace Mawire - News Of The South)

Climate chane Addis Ababa. (Photo credits: Wallace Mawire – News Of The South)

The conference is open to all stakeholders, institutions or individuals active in Climate Change and Development issues in Africa.

Conference themes and workshops will address one or more of the following eight sub-themes related to the achievement of the objectives of Article 2 of the UNFCCC in Africa: Africa and global climate change governance since Kyoto, Climate science, the UNFCCC principles and the Paris Framework, Opportunities and Prospects for Sustainable Development under Climate Change, Opportunities for Innovative Financing for Climate Adaptation, Trade, Technology Transfer and Trips, Agriculture, food security and resilience, Renewable Energy, including Gender and climate change.

Climate change: (Photo Credits : Wallace Mawire - News Of The South)

Climate change: (Photo Credits : Wallace Mawire – News Of The South)




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