By Noah Mangwarara.

(News Of The South) – The prevailing order is that continued corruption has swallowed the Zimbabwe economy dry. No industry, no jobs, no justice, no currency, failed infrastructure, failed leadership, failed state; all courtesy of bad administration. ZANU PF has wiped Zimbabwe from the map of world economies, can we talk of an economy with no money in the banking system? We cannot even mention an economy with no noticeable production anywhere; there aren’t jobs for anyone, the ones remaining include selling second hand clothes and vegetables along the streets of Harare. We can’t say we have an economy when everything we have is imported; from what we wear, to what we eat, to what we sleep on, even the tooth pick is imported from the Far East.

Against such a background and in a quest to bring new life to the misfiring cylinders, the Chief Executive has once again reshuffled the cabinet, ironically using the same old (rotting) dead wood. One wonders why such an educated man would have bothered to take such a move; it was worth it to engage in a ‘Do nothing Strategy’ instead. Great leaders are known for taking strides into the future and when they arrive, they take images of how the future looks like. They then come back to present and convince the followers of how great the future appears. They then rally everyone towards that future. What type of future did the Chief visualize which prompted him to reshuffle the cabinet? The most likely future that he saw is one where some individuals were becoming too big for their positions hence this was an opportunity to prove who calls the shots; and indeed he is still misfiring like what has happened for the past many donkey years. The one to suffer is the peaceful Zimbo who has been through it all, seeing the once jewel of Africa being run down to a basket case.

It has always been a very difficult assignment to be asked to shuffle a pack of torn playing cards, with everyone eager and awaiting to play the next game. Chances of worsening the state of the cards are very high. I feel for the nonagenarian as he tried to reshuffle the old guard for the umpteenth time, with the hands literally shaking and visibility impaired; Zimbabweans have no mercy for continually pushing sekuru to the limits. Such work requires an energetic man, the incumbent has no option though because he has the mandate of the people of Zimbabwe to ruin and there is no vacancy as yet for the highest office.

Back to the reshuffling, there was need to quickly flush off the Judas before he could sell his master. The master always knows ahead of time those with the intention of selling off and toppling him; he always has the last laugh, no doubt. The casualties are there for all to see, the sellouts who have been categorically mentioned; we are seeing them, not by their works but by the booting out as they have been shoved out of the system. It is just history repeating itself; we haven’t forgotten 2014 as yet when it happened. In all this, the economy is the greatest loser of-course. Leadership was never meant to address the needs of the leader at the expense of the common good but in Zimbabwe we turn the tables the other way round- always.

At least Judas is gone with his works and the greatest loser is the economy as always been the case, no real change on those things that matter. And who takes over from Judas, bootlickers are obviously counting their gains; the sons of the soil who have mastered the art of washing the feet of the boss. Jesus had given us an example of how the leader can wash the feet of the servants not the other way round where the followers lick the behind of the boss to win a position of influence; they might also have to lick the madam boss. Performance was supposed to be the very thing that mattered most, not loyalty; in Zimbabwe however, we are always ahead in rewriting the rulebook in a wrong way of-course. We don’t use textbook politics; neither do we use textbook economics; the result of what we go by is clearly evident for anyone who chooses to open their eyes.

The fish has been rotting, like all other fish, from the head. The biggest rotten fish must have gone first; the joker in the pack of playing cards that has been torn by so many years plying the highways and byways of the world. And the joker never drops off from the pack, how unfortunate. The joker is so torn that it’s so difficult to move the other cards whilst this one card is still present.

What was the goal in the reshuffling? Just responding to a situation rushly and out of emotions never solves problems? The bias towards action might not mean much without proper thinking. Why take action when even the action is unnecessary? Shortcuts won’t win the day anymore, reshuffles have proved to be a non-event from as early as 1980 something. The problem hasn’t been addressed as yet and it appears to be worsening with the dead wood in place.

Don’t worry about the economy, not even corruption, the price hikes and unemployment. These are not a priority, there is a more important assignment for the chief and that is to maintain the status quo whilst the majority of the Zimbos are wailing in poverty plying the Robert Mugabe avenue during the night at least to irk an honest living; though sooner rather than later, these very people shall be thrown out of the sunshine city centre to a more proper place where they are not a nuisance. As the majority are trying to get a dollar from the avenue named after the chief’s name, the chief is busy appointing a Minister of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation; at least to monitor what is happening on the social media front.

Solutions to our challenges do not come from moving one person from one portfolio to another. It doesn’t even come from creating a useless ministry which has no meaning under the sun. Leverage comes from new ways of thinking. It comes from thinking outside the box or totally disbanding the box. What failed to work yesterday should be done away with totally. Reshuffles haven’t worked for many years, what would make the current reshuffle work? Blame shifting hasn’t worked either; whether it’s Blair, Bush, Obama or Trump (the latest casualty); what works is to address the real causes of the mess we are in. An economics graduate like the boss would know fully well that what drives an economy is production and not a new piece of legislation to dissuade people from trading in forex and threatening them with a ten year jail term. A new law will never bring money into our banks. There is no way the failed Zimasset blueprint can generate the much lauded 2.2 million jobs at this hour just because the rotten wood has been turned yet another time.

The credibility of the reshuffled mass is highly questionable. Some of the horrible comrades have mastered the art of helping themselves from the fiscus like the biblical Judas who would frequently help himself from the offering basket; having a lot of wealth they cannot account for. With the positions they have been elevated to, these colleagues are given the onus to steal from a legalized position. A true government needs integrity; collective integrity to be precise.

An assembled mass disconnected to reality will never generate the intended results; the results which are not even known by the one appointing. The system is out of sync with reality; the primary reality in their minds is nothing more than the prevailing factionalism. Accountability is to the boss, even if no one is happy with the delivery. Leaders should be held accountable by the majority not the majority being held accountable and at ransom by the leaders. I wonder the advisor who informs that a bloated government has the capacity of addressing the country’s ills. One wonders if these appointees even know their roles. What is the cyber minister meant to be doing after all? Such is a minister responsible for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the like – lunacy at its best. What of the Minister of scholarships in the President’s office at a time when students on the presidential scholarship programme are sitting on outstanding debts in fees?

There is only one lesson that l have learnt in all this – Leadership in Zimbabwe is never about improving the lot of the people. Instead, it is merely a cover to commit the biggest robbery in modern history. Let’s meet when we discuss the next reshuffle, hopefully the one involving the highest office in the land.

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