Politics has shifted its base from traditional rallies, which are hard to organise, take time and are expensive, to the easily accessible platforms of social media where issues can be dealt with not just publicly but also in exciting and engaging ways.

Local politicians have also been slowly coming to the realisation that you don’t have to wait for a rally to talk to your constituents.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp have come to provide politicians with easy to use platforms whilst for the electorate engaging the previously hard to reach leaders is now easy.

Twitter, hailed by many social media users as the Champions League has come to be the ultimate platform where everything is dissected and no prisoners taken.

Very few politicians and public personalities have yet managed to stand and be counted on Twitter, many failing to take the heat that comes from interrogations and attacks from a cross section of increasingly open minded individuals.

Few have however have managed to stand their ground continuing to post and respond to various issues that come up.

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa boasts an incredible 408 000 Twitter followers beating President Mnangagwa who has 283 000. Chamisa regularly posts and interacts with the public on various issues thus maintaining a steadily growing following.

President Mnangagwa’s account is hiccupped from having a larger following due to its apparent artificiality being run as it is by ghostwriters and thus lacking a personal touch.

Among ordinary politicians exiled Former Higher Education Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo (409 000 Twitter followers) rules the roost with many still keenly following his acerbic but incisive analysis of the current government.

Norton House of Assembly representative Temba Mliswa is hard on the heels with a staggering following of 116 000 ranking him in the top 5 most followed politicians in the country.

Mliswa has come to embody the non-partisan politician who defends matters on matters of principle with no rigid and polarised standpoint.

Expelled from ZANU PF some years back Mliswa has slowly built a reputation as a corruption fighter whilst his chairing the Mines and Mineral Parliamentary Portfolio Committee has allowed him room to interrogate various shady matters and politicians.

Technocrat and Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has amassed a large following (63 000) in his few days in government with many expressing displeasure at his policies.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Nick Mangwana (53 000 Twitter followers) has also staked his presence on social media with increasing visibility since assumption of office.

Defending the Mnangagwa government has not been easy for him with the current difficulties the country faces but he has staked his claim refusing to chicken out.

Gokwe Nembudziya MP Justice Wadyejena is among the few ZANU PF legislators who are managing to effectively run their accounts with 49 000 followers.

Expelled Former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has gone quiet of late but his account still has a massive 176 000 followers, a remnant from his powerful days.

Other notable politicians with many followers include Charlton Hwende (36 000), Jealousy Mawarire (39 000) Obert Gutu (83 000) Elias Mudzuri (27 000) Linda Masarira (36 000)




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