Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Joyce Mujuru as a politician is essentially the creation three ills, the unholy trinity of state propaganda, maritally transmitted eminence and the machinations of bigger crooks who exploited her sex to fighter ‘other’ battles.


She has seldom exhibited any ingenuity or craftsmanship solely to elevate her above her peers, but has more often than not banked on the positive side of fate and the fortuitous alignment of stars.


Mujuru’s elevation to the Vice Presidency post back in ZANU was more to do with Mugabe stifling the ambitions of up comers like the-now VP Emmerson Mnangagwa and had little to nothing of her own ingenuity.


A stormy wind simply threw her into a cavern.


When the octogenarian felt her usefulness was over he chunked her out and she went out with nothing more than a whimper, a mere reflex and primal response to pain than a conscious act of thought.


Her supposed heroic liberation war credentials involving shooting down a helicopter, a feat heroic only from patriarchal lens weakening the female, have since been questioned by historical revisionists who created her in the first place.


The founding base of her political rise has been her late husband, Solomon Mujuru from whom she sexually attained the stature of a venerated politician and, bolstered by the propaganda machinery of a captured state media, grew a fickle legend that one day we all gullibly gulped and the next we are told to spit out as false.


Her latest refusal to align with the MDC Alliance coalition for a concentrated attack upon Mugabe in 2018 is her latest and failed try at showing a thinking capacity going beyond being a cog ferried around by more able minds and placed in fortuitous pedestals that unintentionally benefit her too.


Mujuru has just tried to flex her mind and broken her spine.
“A suggestion of such nature flies in the face of logic and resolutions made by the NPP national executive council on the set conditions of joining a coalition.



In our view, nothing has changed that would warrant a change of the position taken by the party.


“Such allegations can only be made by the devil from hell. We also challenge the devil to prove them.” said Gift Nyandoro her spokesperson this week rebuffing assertions about joining the coalition.


According to Mujuru’s line of thinking this is a stand for principles not allowing her to be part of seemingly sentimental MDC reunion on the eve of their final push for what they seemed destined for when they first came onto the scene back in 1999.


The use of MDC as a name for the alliance is too huge an obstacle for her mind to wrap around and accept, and she has chosen to grandstand about a very petty itch at a time Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty.


That she cannot comprehend the enormity of the situation and the need for a coalition choosing instead to massage her ego by being such as small time strategist of banal matters is a stark reminder of the said low mental capacity of the politician that she is.


It also speaks to her low sincerity about helping for change in Zimbabwe, just as all those politicians salivating for seats and pushing to the back coalition talks so as to ensure their personal gratification.


Partisan as we have revealed ourselves to be over time, Zimbabwean opposition supporters have slowly come to the realisation that the most positive way forward is through a coalition.


And a coalition is the recognition and acceptance of one’s weaknesses and the need for a union with a strategic partner, it does not necessarily translate into an expression of love for that partner.


Strategy is not a sentimental matter of feelings but ideas, and love is not an idea.


That we are accepting Mujuru as a coalition partner does not translate to mean we are all of sudden enamoured with her type of politics, history and her standing.


We are enamoured with the idea that her numbers, following from her expulsion and the liberation history, may provide what the opposition has lacked.


Much of her legitimacy derives from being a fellow Zimbabwean who has suffered at the hands of ZANU, just like all of us, and she must assert her independence and genuiness by showing sincerity to help.


Joining a coalition is one such kind, refusing over a normative description of the coalition is a kick in the teeth for the nation.


It smacks of not just gross political ineptitude but also reveals the vulturish nature of her type of politics, banking on tearing the skin off the bare backs of a helpless people seeking for salvation anywhere and everywhere.


For all our famed educational levels Zimbabweans have shown themselves to be gullible information geeks accepting anything said by a man/woman standing on a podium without due dilligence to interrogate.


Mujuru is thus advised not to abuse that, our educational vanity, by giving elaborate explanations for refusing to take the most logical political step this country needs at the moment.


Coalitions are not the ultimate solution but for the interim agenda of changing the government, they are a necessary cathartic move.

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