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Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) – Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministry (PHD) leader Prophet Walter Magaya’s power to pull government officials, foreigners, business people to his Church has been witnessed on Friday last week as people from all corners of the world, diplomats, top government officials, ministers, member of parliaments, chiefs graced the historic event dubbed “Night of Turnaround 6”.

The Night of Turnaround 6 witnessed an astounding display of God’s power over the kingdom of darkness.
The power from above reigned supreme as the children of God gathered at PHD grounds in Waterfalls, Harare to seek the face of God. Radical demonstration of God’s power was also witnessed as many people were delivered from different sickness.

Rapid and spontaneous healings, deliverances and testimonies have also been testified as The Man of God broke all barriers of afflictions and infirmity in the lives of thousands who thronged the Holy Grounds. The historic night has attracted a bumper crowd, first ever to be witnessed in Zimbabwe with close to 1 million people gathered to turn around their economic, physical and spiritual aspect of their lives.

It was arguably the largest gathering of Christians ever witnessed in Africa. These were never-before-seen crowds in Zimbabwe. Magaya’s crowd-pulling power will go down in Zimbabwe’s history as one of the greatest and has left many people dumbfounded as multitudes that thronged the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance premises in Waterfalls from across the country and beyond stretched to Glen Norah.

The Night of Turnaround 6 crusade indisputably brought Harare to a standstill last Friday, with an estimated 850 000 congregants gathered to witness the power of God. By 4pm large crowds were already gathered and filled the PHD premises. Some came two days before the event to get place within the premises so that they get the chance to see the Prophet from close range.

This reporter had torrid times to get to venue as the roads from town to Magaya’s Turnaround venue were heavily congested as colossal numbers of motorists drove to the highly publicised and well-organized life changing event.
There were ear-splitting ululations and blaring whistles signifying huge crowds as people enjoyed to be part of the momentous occasion. People could be seen congregating in huge numbers to the event and the numbers kept increasing the whole night.

Several people from around the country graced the occasion, with some coming from as far as, Victoria Falls, Bulawayo, Beitbridge, and Chipinge to witness turnaround. Several musicians including Methias Mhere, Killer T, and Andy Muridzo entertained the crowds before Zim Praise and PHD Praise and Worship team threw congregants into frenzy subsequently setting the stage for the Man of God to take over.

Magaya, who is arguably the greatest crowd puller of all time, went on the pulpit at exactly 10:30 pm where he started with a thorough healing session which lasted for about 3 hours. Several people were healed; those who were tormented by evil spirits were delivered. Those who came in wheel chairs were instantly healed and went back home walking alone. The Man of God made the blind see and the deaf hear. Magaya reached every corner to heal and deliver the congregants.
After the healing session, Magaya started preaching till dawn. Many were healed as he was preaching and demons were manifesting and were burnt by ‘holy fire’.

The event also gave brisk business to vendors who erected their stalls outside the PHD premises. The event has been described as the tourist magnet given that many people from around the world converged at PHD ministries with some from as far as, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. People from different African countries were in attendance.

Government of Zimbabwe considers tourism one of the important pillars of economic recovery as it has the potential to contribute much to the fiscus. Credit however should be given to PHD Ministries for endeavouring to revive the country’s economy through religious tourism. Moreover the Church through its Prophet Walter Magaya has successfully managed to unite people in the region, the continent and the world as they came to worship together at the Night of Turnaround 6.

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