By Leonard Koni.

(News of The South) – The relationship between Christianity and politics is a little bit complex subject and a frequent source of disagreement throughout the history of Christianity, as well as modern day politics.

Christianity has lived for several years and its role was to give prayers to the broken hearts and healing the souls. The Christian society also provided moral, spiritual and social support to the society, the government and some other institutions.

There have been a wide variety of ways in which thinkers have conceived of the relationship between Christianity and politics, with many arguing that Christianity directly supports a particular political ideology or philosophy. We have seen this happening within some churches in Zimbabwe who align themselves to a certain political party.

A very good example is the UANC which was led by the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa a long time ago . The party got its financial and social support from the christian community.

There are various thinkers have argued for Christian communism, Christian socialism, Christian anarchism, Christian libertarianism, or Christian democracy. Others believe that Christians should have little interest or participation in politics or government. This is why the reason some political funders come under the disguise of church denominations with the view of advancing their political interests and missions.

Now in this modern politics the church is openly coming out to participate in politics.

The recently held Super Sunday Church gathering at Rufaro Stadium dubbed Interface Church Rally officiated by Dr. Amai Grace Mugabe was an eye opener to most of the church organisations in Zimbabwe who thought politics could not mix with christianity.

I would like to believe that christians should be given an opportunity to have a political say and position themselves in the day to day running of the government as they have proved that they can do it given the way they are running their own respective churches.

Churches also have the political acumen and potential to lead the country and bring forth the much needed good governance.

According to the supreme law of the country everyone is entitled to join any political party of their choice that also includes the christian society. It should not just end there but they must also lead and take those powerful posts in the government.

It is high time the christian community should think outside the box and stop being used by greedy politicians who always want to advance their political careers and maintain the grip of power. We have seen several Johane Masowe sects attending Zanu PF rallies and political gathering or burial places, swearing their allegience to the ruling party.

It’s not a secret that politicians have seen the potential of the Christian society and have always maintained a mutual relationship with them. The Christian society has also managed to mould people of the highest moral degree and has improved the well being by promoting peace and tranquillity in the society.

The Christian community has been marginalised for quite a long time due to the inferiority complex instilled in them by politicians.

Church pastors and leaders from
all walks of life should also be engaged in the running of the government by helping through solving and ironing out of challenges facing the country. They are esteemed higher than other political leaders who have posts in the government. They could not be the best but people from the Christianity background have shown and proved that they can also lead and make a difference if they are given the couch to blow.

There is a saying that goes “politics is a dirt game” but the Christian society would play it smart and clean.That statement implying that politics is a dirty game must be dismissed and discarded because it has a direct negative impact on the siciety society in which we live. Christians have a duty to elevate the political process in this country to greater heights because they posses the power to influence a lot of people.

The Christian society has been taken for a ride by politicians who always assume that they have got the political muscle
to wrestle every power given to them and short change people with poor and selfish economic policies.

Politicians have devised a divide and rule tactic which they have imposed on the people. That could be changed by the christian community if they are given the role to participate in poltics. I don’t think the christian environment can dismally fail on that but instead they have the power to unite warring parties and give them peace and direction.

The christian society in many countries has been playing a cognisal role in preaching peace, taking care of the elderly and orphans and looking after the marginalised and the under priveledged citizens and giving direction to a country when it is taking a wrong direction. It has a very important duty to play and must provide all the needed solutions and answers to the challenges facing the people.

The church should give opinions and
should not be left out of the daily business of the government. There is need for the church to rise above vitriol and learn to love it’s neighbours the way God commanded it to do. By loving and taking care of others, it will be promoting transparency and good governance with zero tolerance to the scourge of corruption.

I am challenging the christian society to break the silence , to stand up and be counted as leaders. The Christian society has been told that they are the
vanguard of peace and the backbone of the country,  that should not end there, they must also be the flesh of this country and provide it to the people.

The Christian society should breath a new fresh air in the political dispensation so that the people will
enjoy the true democracy in this modernised global world.

Christians have been applauded by keeping high moral fibre of the society and maintaining the status quo. Christians should stand up and demonstrate what God has given them and they should not limit themselves to charity, preaching the word and evangelism only but should also seek political power as they are also very good on negotiating peace in a society and stimulating economic growth.

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