By Tafadzwa Munhangu.

I am not a story writer or a poem
writer and I will never be any of the two. I am not an intellectual, a
commentator or a politician and I will never be any of the three. Due to the forces beyond my physical, mental, academic, social, economic and religious control; I found myself one night picking a paper and a pen to scribble down some words. This was after I had listened to the news bulletin which had reported that the Western were not ready to embrace the Unity Government as long as Mugabe was still state leader, while on the other side the ZANU(PF) politburo was not pleased with Mugabe because he had compromised and signed the
Memorandum. In that simultaneous act I found myself venting out my inner anger. The results of years of continuous indirect suppression of my inner self. Then I realized, whilst I had been quiet all these years; I had been an observer; a creation of the silent voices. Well, the piece below is not a poem; it’s just a bunch of words expressing my feelings. After all, everyone is entitled to his/her own views and feelings but as for mine, criticism is welcome.


1. Let the silent voices speak; yes –
let the silent voices speak
Sure it’s time for the silent voices to
Have you heard what the silent
voices have spoken?
Did you grasped and cogitated the words of the speaking silence?
For I can hear the resounding; yeah, the echoes of the speaking silence
Oh! I see; you heard the utterance, yes you heard it
And you concluded ‘Nonsense!! – An absolute nonsensical chant’

2. I can hear a voice speaking; yes – it is still speaking
It’s very audible in my ears, loud and clear
The weight of authority and its
power has caused commotion
Even the ‘Lion King’ has gone creeping, searching for cover

I can hear the ullutation and jeering – the sounds of rejoicing
As the ‘disgruntled and oppressed’
inhabitants listen to the voice
To them it is the utterance with redemption, the utterance with
The which, no one could offer and no one could either match

3. I hear a voice speaking; yes – I
heard it speaking
It sounded like a voice of the
Yes – the voice of the abused, weary labourers
Even within it’s weak and faint tone, I heard it speak
“I want my wages and the prices
worth my sweat and pain”
I can hear the sounds of a marching riotous troop
Yes – the cacophony of the songs, chants and rhythm
Have send my heart gyrating to the melody of the voice
Wherever it went, it left everything in tops-tarvy state
Behold, I am left gape and
The fellow compatriots of the
motherland, I don’t mean homeland
Invited it; – after it spoke they
shrugged and shook their heads in
For they discerned not nonsense in
its oration and it’s inspiration they
found no clue
Who has stirred the mass, by whose authority and desires is it
powered by?

4. I hear a voice speaking; yes – the
voice spoke;
It has been speaking since I was young
Yes it spoke, before I had known and learnt the power of any voice
I can recall what the voice spoke, I can remember all I was told, that which it spoke

Even its speech before I came into
existence I was told
Yes – to live is the most rarest thing on earth, the majority of us just exist and that’s all
The voice – I was told, I was taught
and yet I was informed
Created and stirred and powered a
mighty troop Which led the struggle that no one could hault
Because of that voice I heard the
great noise

It was the noise of a mighty mass and I witnessed everything among them
Tears, weeping, shouting, singing,
dancing, laughing and celebration
This entire hullabaloo punctuated with joy and sorrow
I was left wondering at the meaning and logic of all the

For it was beyond my emotional
and mental comprehension at that tender age

5. Now I hear a voice; yes – I am hearing a voice speaking
No!! The voice is crying, it’s weeping; yes it’s lamenting

The audacity and power of the voice have paralyzed me
It sounds like a distant roar of a mighty thunder capping the clapping of a lightning bolt

Which conclude the mighty storm that creates and propels the powerful flow of the flooding rivers
The majority is hearing that voice,
but I am hearing its echoes
I can’t detect noise in it, as with other voices

There is no authority in it, there is no sympathy but there is a power in it
Oh! It bears command, yet it is full of silence

6. “Hark! – Hush! –
You say you represent and fight for the oppressed and abused
I will ask you and require an honest answer from you

– When is law just – when it rules in favour of the minority or majority
(the mass)? I mean on land:- 51% of planet earth is owned by 26 people;
Queen Elizabeth owns 17% which
include the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand where she has upright title to the land and an extra land portions in all countries in the Common Wealth.

The inhabitants assume, it is a
national issue;

No! It’s a global hot potato
– When is democracy democratic
and how do you democratically
demonstrate democracy to other sovereign states?

You invaded two fields to
demonstrate democracy – Alas!
The masses are butchered, wounded and displaced

Hence next time you wish to enter
another field, votes should be cast so as to democratize the invasion
What a deception, real deception,
gross deception in its first degree Yes, the devil may appear to be a saviour; he is not and he will never
be one.

7. You! You have spoke saying you
represent the employees
Instead of assisting your fellow
compatriots to indict the masters of manipulation; yes masters of slavery
You joined hands with them to crucify the governors

You have carried out manslaughter of the entire mass you claim to represent and protect

You claim they support you, yes
they supported you peradventure change would come
They needed change of leadership not of revolution

Thus you abused their support, yea
– you betrayed them
Borne by their blessings you globe
trotted, searching for national

To which the Pan-Africanists and
Patriotic Fronts of the entire
motherland couldn’t embrace and bless
Yea! They could not get logic out of your inspirations

Now you cry foul play; hence I object:
– Which revolution do your democracy stand for – the Pan
Africanism, Patriotism or Imperialism?
– Whom have you been dinning with of late?

For homogenates of
identical plumerage habitat in simmilar proximity
I wonder – Is your democratic change wave for the favour of the minority or majority?

8. As for the third voice I lament
The creation preached democracy,
comradeship and freedom
I am a witness to the death of the
creation, yes I am a victim
Politically, academically, socially, economically and all you may mention
You claim the imperialists and the
labour movement caused it, I beg to differ

The meltdown to which I am a
witness and victim was caused by
four theories
Yes – they be five according to me
mismanagement, corruption, nepotism and arrogance

Others argue that the fifth theory is
the combination of all four
Yes – arrogance created capitalism
and by the time the first and second voices spoke
The five ministers of the theories had already accomplished their

I finally again will ask; in whose
favour is that mission for – the minority or the majority?
Bearing in mind; the power of any
revolution is within the mass
I am left in a real amnesia; yea – a
ghost in a dilemma is better off
Who is fooling who?
The answer is – It is Who who is fooling Who

9. Yet I heard a voice, I am hearing
the voice and I will be hearing that voice

Let it speak; listen to its speech and
comprehend the contains in the echoes of its enchantments
“You may tread me underfoot as on dry sand

Yet I will rise up, even higher than
you and I will encompass you as
dust Verily I will overcome you; for I
will choke and blind you
– So Blair, keep your England and I will keep my Zimbabwe (My God- given inheritance)

– Until you bring and show me a man impregnated by another man;
then I will say it is okay for man to marry man (God destroyed Sodom for the sin of homosexual)

Then who is on the Lord’s side?”
Well – well – well – well; what a
chant – a real nonsensical chant
A chant which has caused great

Global agitation in all cycles, be
they political, religious, academic,
social or economic

10. Now I hear a voice speaking; yes
– it whispers a command
It is the final voice “The mass is seeking and will embrace change
When that change is of leadership or governance
It shall not be a revolutionary

A change to governors who live
the revolution and not leave the
My brothers – the time has come for change

Change needs to begin with you; when you change your thinking
That local change (done) is achieved by stirring global support
But yet powered by the mass
Dear elders – time for change has
come; it’s only change of ministers Who failed to live the sermons and
brought the five woes”

11. The final voice have spoken; yes
– it spoke in abundance
It has been misquoted,
misinterpreted, misunderstood Misused, mistaken, misrepresented
and misjudged

For it spoke in abundance, in
abundance of nonsense
Yes, its utterance was a volume of

The audience failed to comprehend
the meaning or cause of the speech
For there is sense in nonsense; yes-
you get a lot of SENSE out of NON-

Only if you are wise enough to get it at first hearing
Before confusion arises due to lack
of comprehension

But the majority fails to cogitate that sense and will only get it by and by
For the sense in nonsense is a time-
tested memorial
You oppress the nonsense – you
oppress the sense
You oppress the sense – you
oppress the mass
You oppress the mass – you
oppress the revolution
You oppress the revolution – you
oppress the democracy
You oppress the democracy – you
create the silence
You create the silence – you hear
no testimony
You hear no testimony – you
witness the change
For actions speak louder than the
words; yes – silence is powerful Hence the world wonders how the mass is surviving
Yes – there is a miracle wrought
within the mass
Created, inspired, powered and
protected by nonsense
Oh yeah – Long live the voice of
Ahoy!! The silent voices – Ahoy!!!

By Professor Nonsense. AKA Tafadzwa Munhangu.


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