Harare,Zimbabwe (News of the South)-As the country is on the eve of the 2018 elections a variety of politicians have been sprouting all over the scene of late,all coming across as diplomatic and astute, ready to do the impossible.


Fadzayi Mahere is eyeing Mt Pleasant siphoning the glee of spectators on social media and converting that into some kind of political currency enriching her to stand the heat.



Former Industry Minister Nkosana Moyo has formed a party and banking on his huff resignation from the infamous “war cabinet” that orchestrated the land reform exercise expects the masses to swarm over.


Dr Manyika who now leads Build Zimbabwe is anothe one. He has formed Build Zimbabwe and expects to kick some ass come 2018. Why you ask him and he goes on sun-splashed trail talking about cutting Cabinet down to 14, gender equality and every other New Age point.


This week some journalists had the chance to have a question and answer session with him and my verdict from that is Zimbabwe is in serious trouble with politicians who have balls to compete at this moment if the country.



Seldom have these politicians and their grand ambitions been subjected to scrutiny that goes beyond being asked what they plan after winning; which is really a hopeful hypothetical question since logic will unabashedly tell you that no one between Mahere,Nkosana Moyo or Dr Manyika will so much as scrap over 5% amongst them.


So why do they continue popping out of the blue?


Dr Manyika hates being described as having popped out of the blue. He contends that he has always been involved in Zim politics, never mind that was from an institutional level where he went around as part of the fickle Healing Commission. The heated debate about Gukurahundi tells you that no one was healed. Not belittling the man’s balls in coming out and declaring his candidature, its his timing that provides an itch.
But he has an explanation.


“Its my right to come and contest the elections even a day before the elections. I actually had the balls to come out and express the desire to contest not these people who hide behind twitter”, he says, attacking a social media user who has queried if Dr Manyika has the balls to cut Cabinet.



He is now weighted with emotion and from where I seat I spy another dilemma for the electorate come 2018. The man wants to be believed as a genuine politician out to usurp ZANU PF and not just a mirage creation that will split the vote.



He can’t see the genuine fears that we have that he shall have his moment in the sunshine and disappear sooner after a robust beating (cue Arthur Mutambara, and by the way Mutambara is drifting near so as to hijack another stalemate if you read the opportune launch of his biography recently that way).



However with basically a year before the elections it’s hard to believe that Dr Manyika will undo in a year the tentacled hold of ZANU PF that has been festering over 3 decades. ZANU PF is now more than a party,but has become a system that you don’t just wash off in a year.


There is need for much more groundwork with the people in the country and the group of politicians coming up to declare their virility and being fearless are simply working against the country with their balls.


One year is simply a short political time for the masses to identify themselves with any new political player. For people to support you they don’t have to simply believe and like what you say but they have to identify themselves with you.


Getting the masses to identify themselves with a politician takes much longer and in as much as one can dribble sugar-coated promises, trust will always lack for the candidate to garner an election turning amount of voters.



Nkosana Moyo came face to face with the dilemma of coming from outside the society that you want to represent when he posted on social media pictures of himself boarding a kombi in a bid to show the people that we are the same.



The scheme imploded. The people saw through the charade and he was vilified for parodying the lifestyle and poverty of the general mass.

He was trying to do as they do but they saw through it and knew he is fake.


That’s the reason why Morgan Tsvangirai is the mainstay of opposition politics in Zimbabwe. The masses have seen him suffering with them. They have seen him getting beaten just as they have been beaten. They have seen his mortality,his humanity and his frailty. That has engendered the trust they have in him as a genuine opposition politician and not a fly-by optimist seeking to grow his CV.



One factor that, in 1999, helped the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) turn from pressure group into a formidable political party was its worker based past. It had roots in activism for the general man in the street. The connections were already there. It wasnt an idealistic cohort of expatriates coming in either from an upper class of society or returning from some foreign nation (cue Mutambara,Nkosana Moyo, Dr Manyika).



Thus its a pain to every well-meaning Zimbabwean when on the eve of elections a politician “pops out of the blue” and declares that Mugabe has overstayed, I’m going to remove him.


The most that will do is disorient the electorate,sway a minuscule few of the voters to your side so as to weaken the other opposition parties and finally facilitate another romp to the finishing and winning line for ZANU PF.



Zimbabwe in such a perilous state such that the fundamental objective of the 2018 elections has come to be the removal of ZANU PF from power first. Every other noble agenda can follow after that but first the country needs to remove the cow muddying the stream. The removal of the cow will not readily translate into the clearing of the water but more progress can be made after that.



Nkosana may have balls,Mahere may have them too as does Dr Manyika, but the country needs the balls in the right place and that is working for a coalition. Independent parties not oriented towards the eminence of a coalition of opposition parties are the worst form of opposition presently.


Gambia has already provided an illustration of how a coalition can function. Unite against the common enemy and go back into your camps after.



These politicians and their balls however seem to be saddled with individualistic agendas.


“What is a Grand Coalition?’ I’m not against it but but its not the solution”, says Dr Manyika.


Who said the coalition is the answer to the rot that is Zimbabwe?


We all know Tsvangirai is no angel, Biti is human, so is Mujuru, Welshman Ncube and the whole hoarde of them. Their coming together is simply premised as a shortcut solution to the removal of Mugabe and his cohorts then we can structure new things after.



Currently no opposition party is strong enough to defeat ZANU PF. MDC-T may gobble all the urban seats but nationally they will come short.



Mujuru and the National People’s Party are still to be tested adequately and remBalls a vague entity despite her grandstanding show of power and importance in the coalition talks. Biti’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Prof Welshman Ncube’s MDC are also very much lacking in stamina to dislodge ZANU.


However a combined union of these parties provides the greatest threat to ZANU rule.

But as long as idealistic ‘pop out of the blue’ expatriate adventurers continue showing off their balls by creating briefcase political parties Zimbabwe is doomed again in 2018.

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