By Simba K Nkulah in Harare.

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Form is temporary but class is permanent, such is the grit and flare that encompasses the Tazoita Cash Records boss who rides under the catch phrase “Vapfanha Vechidiki Vane Twunhu Twavo ” #VVVTT, it can only be Boss Stunner. It only takes dedication and  a game changer like Stunner to be relevant and still remain phenomenal after nearly two decades of being in the music game.

Stunner a multi-award winning hip-hop sensation released his latest nine track album engraved “Stray Bullet”  a fortnight ago and most of the tracks on the album are produced under the watchful eye’s of the talented producer T Man of  mt zion. The album had a splendid and candid build up to its release through pre-released singles “Ndoenda (feat guspy warrior)” and “Zviri pamoyo” which were also graced and cohabited by stellar videos.

Having seen and  probably done it all , Stunner is one artist who does not shy away from public scrutiny through his ‘controversies’ and his private life is an open book for all to devour upon. He is an equanimous artist, thus it is not coincidental that most of the time he derives the inspiration of his songs from his own personal life.

Regardless of the “godo” hit maker’s controversial escapades, he always has the prowess to make people talk when it comes to his music through his hard hitting provocateur lyrics. Really what is an artist without contestation? He or She will be like a lion or lioness claiming to be the king or queen of the jungle yet its toothless. Controversy makes an artist thrive in the game and Stunner really knows how to use it to fruition.

Some of the tracks that feature on the album include “My lady (feat Episode)” ,”They know” , “Akarohwa mari (feat Ba Shupi)” which already has a video to its name, “Stray Bullet (feat Element B)”. Stunner belongs in the rare crop of artist (Soul Jah Love) who are very expressive in nature and likes to poke other artists in the process of doing so and he clearly pulls some jabs and hooks in the album through songs like “Mune mari here(feat Boom Beto)” munodonhedza musika hit maker, “Zvinei nemi(feat Hillzy)” and “Musatifinhure.” However as I always reiterate to the world,it is not showing off if you can back it up and Boss Stunner is clearly someone who knows how to back up what he raps.

Some people wonder where the name Boss Stunner is derived from, yes Stunner runs under the catch phrase “Vapfanha Vechidiki Vane Twunhu Twavo ” #VVVTT but that’s not where the name Boss comes from. A boss is someone who is not scared of competition, he takes the initiative to promote talent and puts it on the map and that is exactly what  Stunner does as seen with his collaborations with Shastro, Carlos Green, Ba Shupi, Element B, Pesshi ,Episode ,Boom Beto and an array of other artist who are still on the entourage stage of their careers. Speaking of the bible cliche “God raises the weak and those regarded as useless in the society from dust and offers them a place on a high and might place”  Do not quote me wrong Stunner is not a “god” but he is the epitome of this christian cliche and oh yes that is Boss Stunner.

Stunner reiterated in an Interview with News of the South that he is going to be releasing videos of this stellar album every two weeks. For all music lovers especially hip hop and a bit of dancehall, take heed, this is the album to have,it is a must have. Hate it or love it, but be rest assured ,the future of this album “Stray Bullet” is undeniably blissful and I am putting my head on the guillotine and say, this is the album to beat at this seasons hip-hop awards, it will take something special out of this realm to topple Stunner as the Slay King,the majesty of Zim Hip Hop. As for Mudiwa Hood,the self proclaimed “slayer”, Boss Stunner’s nemesis, man …on this one sit down , take a chill pill and say it for yourself,” I’m inferior to you Boss Stunner.’

The album “Stray Bullet” is already available online, use the following links to get access to it or you can contact Stunner Tazoita Cash Records on all social media platforms 


Stunner vevo 

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