By Beaven Dhliwayo.

(News of The South)- South Africa’s department of energy has launched an application that will help consumers make informed purchase decisions when it comes to electrical appliances.

How does it work?

The application known as the Appliance Energy Calculator allows to enter information regarding certain electrical appliance (which is usually on the energy label on the appliance). Once entered the application then gives an estimate of the running cost of the said application.

The application works with electrical appliances such as Washing Machines, Dryers, Fridges, Air Conditioners and a variety of other appliances.

Knowledge is power

Consumers who are conscious of how their appliances affect our planet will also be clamouring to use this app to influence their next purchasing decision.

The appliance estimates how much power the appliance will use over the next ten years and also gives a figure of the expected CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions over this period as well. With the effects of Global warming becoming more apparent on our seasonal patterns it’s great that the South African government is working hard to help consumers easily obtain this information.

This is a a great solution that could lead to greater savings on electricity bills. Consumers with this application will be able to realise that they can make huge savings by using a fan/heater rather than running a built-in air conditioner.




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