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Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Realize that every day of your life is an opportunity to change, grow and improve in all facets of your life. So package yourself to be a household name in your niche by fulfilling your God given mandate on planet earth. Be known for something great for you are wired for awesomeness.


The key to unleashing this greatness inside of you is to realize and release your inherent potential for success. Potential energy is energy not in use.


Many people have potential energy. But, they lack the will power to make it flow from within them so that they can turn the turbines of their creativity, talents and skills to produce success in their lives. Thus, they remain stagnant as if their lives are cast in stone. Pascal Nyasha was right to say: “Potential stored is success delayed.”


Take home success gem.


You might have great potential, ingenuity and great talents within you but if you don’t release and utilize them; no body will ever discover or derive value from them.


Hence, you will die unknown and uncelebrated. This will incarcerate you to a mediocre and insignificant life.


Success Nugget for the day.

An electric generator might have great capacity but if it doesn’t get switched on and turn, it will never produce electricity. Likewise, if you don’t get your potential switched on and released into your life’s endeavours, greatness will be elusive to you.


So to be a success; turn your potential energy into kinetic energy through focused, vigorous and determined action to turn your dreams into reality. This will propel your life from your current status quo to greater horizons of success, wealth and significance.

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