By Leonard Koni.

Cape Town South Africa. – The United Nations has commended Zimbabwe for its commitment to rebuild the econony and wish to normalise the international relations. This is so refreshing after such a long time in the chaotic economic and unattractive policies.

The country is coming from the wilderness and it needs to strike the right cord. The President must now make sure that the human and property rights are upheld to remove the distortions which were there before. As the leader of the country he must now set the tone and recommit himself to the constitution and make sure that he does not wantonly break the law. We have had enough of twisting the constitution.

The fish rots at the top and cascade down the whole body. That was the problem with the former President who lacked the stamina to pounce and deal decisively with corruption, embezzelment of funds and looters of the economy.

The only prosperity which we need can only be attained through going back to legitimacy and people’s will underwritten under Sadc principles.

The Zimbabwean economy is based on Agro-business and this is a sector which cannot be ignored and needs a revamp. The land has been lying dormant and being under utilised. With the new appointed Minister of Agriculture who is also a renowned farmer must get down to business and we therefore expect the full utilisation and equitable allocation of farming area regardless of one’s political affiliation, whether black, white, asian.

Let those with farming experience have access to the land. They deserve it and must not be asked too many questions. We need to boost the agricultural sector so as to maximise profits. We are expecting a paradigm shift from the previously administered government. The country can no longer waste time on political grandstanding from year to year. Let 2018 be a year of rebuilding the fallen walls of Jericho and revert back to a bread basket of Africa.

The current prevailing political atmosphere should not be dampened by seeking political retribution. We are so hopeful that Zimbabwe shall never go back to the old system. The country was under hibernation economically and the giant is now waking up from the slumber.

For Zimbabwe to succeed we need to tap into our huge base of domestic resources like minerals such as chrome, gold, platinum and lithium. We have just exhausted a very few mineral deposits along the Great Dyke and we still need to explore other remaining ones and resume wide scale operations.

Zimbabwe is poised for an economic growth and this is the time for business people to strike an opportunity and scramble for vast business spaces. This is the right country to do business with, because of the prevailing political environment which has positively improved. Any policy inconsistency must be removed so that we attract foreign and regional investors. It’s all about implementing those economic policies than embarking on a talk show.

There are of course push and pull factors which need to be addressed but the bigger picture is the country is ready and ripe for investment.The future of trading with ZIMBABWE is so bright and today the President of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa will be on a government duty addressing business personnel in Pretoria South Africa. He has just started his whirlwind tour with the aim of engaging with business personnel across the globe. He is courting them to come back home and start investing in the country.

There are contingent plans set to be rolled and unravel business opportunities in the country like mining, tourism and agriculture. The country has been going through a lot of challenges but it has taken a new trajectory which will usher in a new economic era. It has re energised to another level of political path. This is a critical issue and investors must feel free to do business in a country where there is political stability. The President is so confident that next year’s elections will be free and fair and the people must take heed of such a refreshing statement from a reformist point of view.

The environment still favours the country and remains attractive as long as the President keeps on knocking confidence in the people. There is no need to serve personnel egos and interests. The President must prove a point. The human resources is readily available, posessed with high skills and is ready to bolster the economy and eradicate poverty.




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