By Leonard Koni.

Cape Town, Zimbabwe. (News of the South) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cabinet team have already started hitting the ground left, right and centre whilst the ground is being responsive and aspiring as well.

I see the plane has not yet taken off at Robert Mugabe International airport with the President and his contigent showing signs of commitment on issues affecting the country.

Talk about misplaced priorities his grand child went to Asia for a pregnancy check up thereby gobbling thousands of dollars just for self actualization, while people lay on uncovered 3 wheeled metal stretcher bed at Parirenyatwa hospital.

I notice that President Mnangagwa Mnangagwa has not yet boarded a plane since his official inauguration about two weeks ago. He has instructed ministers to pursue quick-win outcomes.

This isn’t rocket science. He should just do the unthinkable and scrap or amend the indigenisation law forthwith. This has been an abatross law which is unattractive to the investment and can easily scare away prospective business entrepreneurship.

The govermnent must introduce bankable title in agriculture which remains the major economic powerhouse. To those who are found at the wrong side of the law must be prosecuted thus looters and economic saboteurs. Justice delayed is justice denied. There should be a fast track prosecution when dealing with such kind of matters and this will send a signal warning to would be offenders. There should be reforms within the government parastatal and revive them.

There are critical and noticeable development which have to be channelled towards infrastructure development, transport and communication being key that’s our airports, rail and roads.

Most countries which have no railway are slow to develop. I think this is the time to increase the pace of development. For an example Nigeria has unveiled a major railway expansion project with the help of the Chinese to ease congestion on roads and to boost the economy.

It will cascade down to other critical areas later, we don’t want to borrow consumable funds.

I suppose the responsible
ministries will propose those policy adjustments and/or strategies for consideration through relevant structures. If the president will make these mega changes by himself fissures may emerge and choke his presidency. Let there be mega signing deals which will improve the ailing industry where a lot of people have lost their jobs. Our young people are also anxiously waiting to see job opportunities rising.

Bootlicking is a ladder to reach to the top and I can strongly equate it to rampant corruption between the one who is being bootlicked and the one bootlicking. I propose if possible the government should enact or a draft law which will enforce abd punish whoever is found bootlicking. There should be a custodial sentence on that. We have seen the country sinking with such kind of bootlicking where people see no evil, hear no evil.

Its unfortunate that we have already started seeing the traits emerging from the usual quarters. Our nation
cannot be built by praise and worshipping. Only we give praise to the Almighty God. We can’t afford to have people who always sing for their supper and singing choristers. Praise or criticism should given where it is due and there is nothing bad about that.

This budget should be able buttres the vision of a new and vibrant Zimbabwe which is ready to accommodate the erstwhile friends from the regional and international community. We should start talking about introducing our own currency because we cannot continue using the United States dollar where we do not have control over its monetary policy. We have to instill confidence to those countries who want to do business with us. This is the time to work very hard for our beautiful nation.




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