By Wisdom Mumera.

Harare,Zimbabwe. (News of The South) – Previously this writer has lamented the untenable position of the
liberation war veterans in the current and presently evolving ZANU PF

How the freedom fighters tethered themselves to a mere transient party
and in so doing blurred away the everlasting glory-shine of heroism
they could have had, had they maintained their independence.

The late Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe in one of his last books, There Was A Country wrote that, “An Igbo proverb tells us that a man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body”.

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Our scarred fighters have found themselves in the open and in the vein
of the West African wise barb they don’t know where the rain began to beat them.

Worse off, there’s isn’t the puzzle for when they dried themselves but how they are ever going to be dry because they are still wet.

That’s how they were managed, calmed and pacified by the nostalgic words of the President at City Sports Center.

In a meeting billed by some to be a fiery clash of the venomous and the canny Mugabe resorted to the same style that has served him so well before. He benched facts and brought in sentiment and nostalgia,leaving the 10 000 strong ensemble of battle hardened fighters,
dazzled and dreamy-eyed.

Mugabe went back down the trail into soporific tales of heroism from a time gone; dabbed them with sludgy slobs about discipline which defines them from all the ambitious young guns surrounding him now, and lulled them into a false sense of not only having won something
but being something great and unique themselves.

The aging fighters were made to feel special. They were made to feel as living martyrs who shouldn’t crave that much about carnal pleasures but should look higher. Higher than the scavenging tacticians which have seen many of them getting involved in the frenetic fracas for strategic placement when the President dies.

Mugabe’s speech was a strategic shout to the receding soul of the poverty scarred fighter, appealing to the core that drove him into sacrificial fighting before it’s swamped by the current struggles.

“All of us gave ourselves to fight for our country, we sacrificed not to be given more money tomorrow but to sacrifice our lives to liberate

“To stop the British oppression that made us work like animals, calling our fathers boy and our mothers’ nanny, a grown woman, we wanted to put a stop to that, to fight for our sovereignty and

“After the war you must have the same discipline and not open your
mouth to insult leaders. We won’t have it. Elders won’t say anything, but will quietly whisper that you’ll gets what’s coming your way.

Don’t ever do that because you have a position. I never do that”, he said.

However its sheer poverty and the realisation that whilst they may hold on to the sanctity of their virtuous motive for fighting the war not everyone is sincere, which is angering them. Some of their comrades have climbed into positions of power and now are reaping more than they sowed.

However instead of homing in on the real issues of how the country has become the opposite of its seemingly destined state at independence, and the way forward, the President had a rabbit.

An old rabbit for that matter, which is about a shadow which he andthose around him have been seeing all along and all the time.

“We’ve enemies who are trying to destroy us. Let’s unite. Unite in resisting the enemy, unite in working together so that these projects can succeed”.

The shadow worked again, as it made the fighters feel they are part of a bigger battle. A fight against a vengeful Western axis of evil.

Now the wet man in the open believe that it’s not their duty to talk about succession as that will be a sign of in-subordination.

“Let’s get over that. Let’s not bother talking about succession and things like that. Look ahead”, Mugabe told them.

How they failed to pick the irony of looking ahead in today’s Zimbabwe and not talking about succession is understandable only from the cot-bed of a whole guerilla army sang a lullaby to sleep by their patron.




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