Outspoken Norton legislator, Hon. Temba P. Mliswa has applauded President Mnangagwa for appointing a cabinet that “speaks to the people,” with a remarkable representation of women and youths in the administration.


Addressing the media in Harare this afternoon, Mliswa said President Mnangagwa did well in removing old cabinet members who have a record of corruption allegations.


“I think he has done well in removing the old guys, the people who are so called corrupt, you’ve got to give it to him.


“The Suppas of this world are not there, Oberts are not there, the dead wood and so forth, these are the issues that we’ve been talking about and he has dealt with that and credit must be given to him.

“He has also brought in new young people and women are excited because to be honest this is the first cabinet ever which has so many women and the young too,” Mliswa said.


He also expressed satisfaction in the appointment of technocrats as part of the cabinet adding that it is very important to have them on board.


In an interview with News of the South before the swearing in ceremony at the State House yesterday, Minister of Defence and War Veterans, Hon. Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri said President Mnangagwa also has confidence in women and added that she cannot be overwhelmed by top posts in the party and government as they are nothing new to her.


“This is not new to me, I’ve been at the helm of the women’s league, and I’ve been at the helm also of the ministry of Women Affairs which is a task and a half and 52 percent of the population being at the helm.


“That’s a lot of work and considering the journey that we have travelled with these women this is really a drop in the ocean,” Hon. Muchinguri said.


She added that she is a war veteran who is militarily trained and she was a commander so this is not new to her.


Part of Hon. Mliswa’s remarks this afternoon were that he doesn’t know why people expected him to be in cabinet yet the election result was a Zanu PF victory which also means Zanu PF people would be appointed.


However, he said the unfortunate thing is that Zimbabwe does not have leaders who have gotten to a point where they are inclusive of everyone outside partisan lines.


“I would have liked to see the president bringing in people who are not Zanu PF but who are good for the country, because I believe there people who are not in Zanu PF who certainly can deliver,” said Mliswa.


He also said the moment these “technocrats” where integrated in Government they became Zanu PF because they have to attend the party’s congress and present a document and before presenting any document one has to do the party’s slogan first.


President Mnangagwa’s cabinet has been received with so much praise from different sectors including people who share divergent political views with the ruling party.




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Tapiwa Kapisa

Tapiwa is a Journalist who is passionate about being a voice for the marginalised.

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