Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-After watching the happenings in Kenya and Gambia an avid opposition party supporter or staunch ZANU PF hater would have smacked lips and begun relishing the moment the medley of local opposition parties sat at a table and signed the Coalition into existance.


From that day he would have wet dreams of a 2018 in which the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission would announce some startling results spelling the doomed end of the revolutionary party that has held Zimbabwe since independence.


Gambia has given Africa the ability to dream again.


It has lit a fading mirage and granted the millions of anguished people the ability to sit in the sun and wonder about that day when some immovable relic finally succumbs to the force of human votes and democracy.

However after the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) debacle one is left wondering if anything of such a nature is ever going to happen here?


Mujuru comes out and says I have expelled 7 inclusive of Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Enock Ngidi Gumbo (what a long name) for they have been derailing the progress of the party and colluding with ZANU PF.


(The others are Munacho Mutezo, Claudius Makova, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Margaret Dongo and Luckson Kandemiri)


Moments later the two old Niggas release their own statement, and they have expelled Mujuru herself and the ZPF is theirs. (Do you remember Tsvangirai and Biti reading and playing the same drama some few moons back?)


That wouldn’t have mattered much in the grand scheme of things but just recently Thokozani Khupe, one of the 3 awkward(structurally) vice presidents of MDC-T was in the media bashing the foetus of a Coalition with statements that Matabeleland doesn’t need partners.


Obviously she got a lot of stick from many quarters with some accusing her of selfishness and not heeding the needs of the population.


According to Khupe Coalition partners need to come in and add where there is a lack. Some kind of a Jacques Derida thinking of a substitute signifying a hole somewhere. So, since the MDC-T has been winning it all in Matabeleland there is no need to scupper that with an unholy alliance with these other losers.


Norton losers, Bikita losers, Hurungwe losers. You get her train of thought right?


Again that could be overlooked if what was said was all there is to the matter. Unfortunately, it’s not, this was a just the logical part of an argument that is actually an addendum to a greater battle that is going on in the MDC-T’s own minuscule succession battle.


It was not just Khupe balking at the thought of hugging a freckled Didymus or a loose (tiredly)-cheeked Rugare Gumbo but she was asserting her powers as a VP. Showing or flexing some muscles in the other bigger battle against the others in the MDC-T Presidium, (a this-is-what I think so you can kiss my, you know. That kind of a thing).


Meanwhile People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti has been at it with MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangirai calling him some unsavoury names leading to the latter’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka stating that PDP can’t be part of the coalition if its leader lacks personal respect for Tsvangirai.


Pretty common sense until you realise that Zimbabwe itself is way past common sense and simply needs a working plan. With a one is to one decreed currency based on a shady loan, 90 percent unemployment and a chugging industry of vendors who needs common sense?


Prof Welshman Ncube and his green MDC has not had a tiff with anyone himself being the learned Professor he is, save for attacking Thokozani Khupe for her grandstanding about the imperious nature of Matabeleland.


Thus in the grand scheme of things Zimbabwe has a phalanx of opposition parties that are separately enmeshed in intra-party disputes with constant crossover arguments with their neighbouring opposition parties.


In her statement of expelling Messrs. Gumbo and company, Mujuru highlighted a peculiar conspiracy that could be underway.


“We are equally aware of the desperate efforts by the ZANU PF regime to ensure that Zimbabwe People First fails on its mandate to be the next government. Without equivocation, it is on public record that Mugabe has boasted that they shall be ZimPF one, two and so on”.


“As anticipated, the regime is desperate because of the exponential growth of our party and the fact that the party is firmly rooted on ensuring that the ideals of the revolution return to the citizenry”, she said


Thus in a nutshell Mujuru is pointing an accusatory finger at ZANU PF as the hidden hand that is creating the shenanigans that have split ZimPF before it has won not a single contest.


Has ZANU PF, as the Big Brother of local politics, managed to infiltrate the opposition parties with agents and sowed all this discordance?


As with all conspiracies it’s hard to prove such type of imaginings or realities. We can only conjecture about what ZANU can do and imagine if it has managed that with all these feuding parties to defeat the dreamland of a Coalition.


For the lay opposition dreamer waiting for the fabled Coalition the many happenings in opposition politics are simply sapping him of hope and the dreams that Gambia had managed to revive.

However the other side of the explanation can simply place the feuds at the feet of egos that are refusing the ameliorating humility of sacrificing for Zimbabwe their personal dreams and agendas.


None of the competing opposition politicians has seemed ready to ditch his position for the progress of Coalition talks. All have sounded out each other with the unhidden hint that when the drafting ends they better be placed in some powerful position or this animal called a coalition is going to be a dodo.


The bigger ones have hinted at their self-sufficiency and resigned need for partners as vocalized by Khupe, whilst the smaller ones have tried to frighten people with fables about giants toppling over minuscule pebbles (whilst doing so they recall 2008 and Simba Makoni’s MDC-hiccupping 8 percent).


So someone has been expelled from the ZimPF but we can’t be sure who among the conflicting statements of expulsions but what is definite is that the Coalition has just conceded an own goal.


Whether it’s due to inflated egos in the opposition camp or another Big Brother schematic of genius ruling who knows.







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