Late Reggae Music Icon Bob Marley Celebrated in “One Love Reggae Music Festival”

Richmore Tera.

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) – MEMORIES of the late reggae music legend, Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley – who was born on February 6, 1945 in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica – don’t easily fade like jeans.

Ask anyone of any generation, from the young to the old, if they know Bob Marley and the answer will be a definite yes. Coupled with the title of at least one of his most popular songs, of course!

This explains the reason why the late Jamaican reggae music legend is being celebrated in song and dance by popular Namibian reggae musicians and creative artists at Chopsi’s Bar, Palm-Tree Park in Namibia for the three-day Bob Marley commemoration dubbed “One Love Reggae Music Festival”.

The festival, which started on Friday (Tuesday 3), has been described as “a major global event that celebrates the life and achievements of a music legend.”

Music legend, yes, because no other reggae musician has achieved or surpassed the fame and international acclaim that Bob Marley achieved during his music career which started in 1963 with his star-studded group, The Wailers.

Today, 36 years after his death, Marley continues to be one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

He still remains a great inspiration to many musicians and people of all walks of life who found and still do find his messages influential, powerful, soulful and spiritually uplifting.
And no wonder why artistes in Namibia have decided to come together and celebrate his life and career through the “One Love Music Festival”.
Elsewhere else the world over, fans of Bob Marley’s music as well as the Rastafarian community, will be holding various commemorative bashes in honour of the man who shaped reggae music into what it is today.

While his birthday falls on February 6, it is clear that the whole month will be full of commemorative Bob Marley events.

Marley released of a string of platinum hits like “No Woman No Cry,” “Redemption Song”, “Exodus”, “Waiting in Vain”, “One Love” and “Satisfy My Soul”, among others.

What makes Marley’s commemorations special to Africa is that, in his lyrics, Marley easily identified with the issues and concerns that were close to the hearts of the African people. Marley always advocated for the continent’s total emancipation from injustices; he also promoted love, peace, unity and harmony, as the song “Africa Unite” bears testimony to.

This is the reason why he was invited to perform during Zimbabwe’s Independence Day on April 18, 1980, thrilling an audience of more than 100 000 people at Rufaro Stadium until the following day. Marley had composed the song “Zimbabwe”, specifically for the people of Zimbabwe. The song was featured on his album titled “Revival”.

Back to the festivities in Namibia, the “One Love Reggae Music Festival” celebrations will be in the form of live reggae music concerts, fashion shows, cuisine, creative arts, movies, exhibitions and karaoke contests with a Jamaican flair.

“This event gives you a taste of authentic Jamaican culture through music, food and creative art expression. The Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Namibia features popular local reggae artistes performing live in honor of one of the world’s greatest music legends.

“Headlining the event are musicians Ras Sheehama and the Chopsi’s Bar band, AJ and The Afros, Suzie Eisis, Big Ben, AJ and The Afros and G. Conscience while DJs Crucial Selekta, DJ Shox, DJ Slim, DJ Pierce and Deck Geeks will also be part of the line – up.

“Reggae dance moves with Taimi, Jamaican cuisine, kids play area, arts and crafts, Open Mic Sessions by upcoming local artists, One Love Beer Cocktails, Chopsi’s Bar Cocktails and Jamaican Rum Tasting will also be on offer,” read a statement from a spokesperson of Liquid Events, who are organizing the festival.

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981.




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