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Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Over the years I have shared with you how important is the smart use of your most precious resource… your time. In this day and age, with more distractions than ever, you as an entrepreneur really have to look at your day, minute by minute, and make sure that everything you choose to do is leading you (and your business) where you want to go. They say time is money, which is mostly true… except you can’t get lost time back!


Now after my very busy trip to New York and Geneva, I flew straight to South Africa, and spent last week getting an update from the Kwesé team. I think the most exciting development for me this week was our decision to create what we call the “Kwesé FREE TV” boutique.


__A minimum of 5x channels are FREE at all times even if someone does not have money on their decoder subscription!


The five “ALWAYS ON” channels are:


# Kwesé FREE Sport (KFS): the biggest sports channel in Africa, which shows live English Premier League, and NBA games.


# Kwesé FREE Entertainment (KFE): A new general entertainment channel which will show latest premium shows including kids, movies, series, and African entertainment. This goes live in January.


# African News: the best African news channel.


# Local FREE-To-Air Channels: every national broadcaster channel will be available.


# Flow TV.

Kwesé FREE TV Zone is a revolutionary idea! All a person needs to do is buy a decoder, and they don’t have to pay to watch at least five of the channels!


# We strongly believe that if someone decides to buy a decoder, it must offer service, even without paying for a subscription. Remember the first 30 days of all channels is FREE!


# We also want people to have the flexibility to pay just for three days, or seven days, whenever they’d like to access all our other channels!


Kwesé TV is now available in the following countries: Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe!


This month (October) we’re adding Malawi, Swaziland and Uganda. You can already buy decoders from dealers and online even for these countries.


Here’s another exciting update:

# Kwesé TV Zimbabwe finally joined the Kwesé TV revolution that is sweeping across Africa, after the High Court confirmed last Friday that its license was valid. As a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to give Zimbabweans whose service was disrupted for two weeks an extra 30 days for FREE.


The response in Zimbabwe has been overwhelming, with long queues outside our stores. In some cases and places, our installers (called Technites) are having challenges getting all the installations done (takes almost half a day to install dish and decoder in some locations).


Even though our teams have trained and deployed more than 7 000 independent installers across Africa, they’re still struggling in some places to get on top of the huge backlog. We’re training more every week, and thank you to those who are being patient!


We really appreciate everyone’s support. Remember it took our competitors 25 years to build what they show, and we have already caught up after less than a year…


We’re so proud of Kwesé’s amazing selection of #Products, and our #People are working hard to ensure our #Processes get your decoder all set up to watch our 65+ channels as fast as possible. Feedback from #People who are already our customers has been BEYOND positive. If that includes you, we thank you!


So much more news to share but will stop here for today. Your TIME is valuable… What have you learned today so far about starting up a pan-African company?


Stay tuned!

To be continued. . .

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