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Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-The ZANU PF factional fights grew a notch higher this past week after the seeming shunning of alleged G40 members from the memorial service for the late Masvingo Minister of Provincial Affairs Shuvai Mahofa.


The late national heroine, who is reputed to have been a member of Lacoste, succumbed to high blood pressure and was laid at the National Heroes Acre.


Her memorial service held in Gutu on Saturday, has however served to reveal another fissure in the ruling party after Higher Education Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo revealed on social media that the news of the service had not been communicated to some of them.


“But honestly Cdes, how come information on this memorial service for our departed colleague was not shared?


“That’s neither right nor fair!’, he complained after the media revealed that the service had been held.


ZBC Online revealed the information on its page with a picture of alleged Lacoste leader Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


“Guests follow proceedings at the memorial service of the late Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Cde Shuvai Mahofa”, it said beneath a picture of Mnangagwa and Josiah Hungwe.


Speaking at the service VP Mnangagwa attacked his enemies.


Media reports say he has since “declared a bare-knuckle fight against his G40 rivals, saying it was now time up for the “johnny-come-latelies” who had lately turned him into a political punch bag.’


“Those who joined the journey midway now think the journey is theirs, yet it’s not and will never be.”


Contrary to the President’s Mugabe’s wife who accused Masvingo of being the bedrock for factional rifts, the VP said the province is actually the best.


“Masvingo is the best province, whatever anyone says. Those who castigate the province don’t know what the future holds and when things come to a head, we will try to see where each one of us stands. Zvese zviri kutaugwa zvichapera kana nyaya yaakusvika kumagumo (everything being said and happening now will soon be over).”


The VP added: “Masvingo should not be intimidated or made inferior. Let’s do our things in unity because there is nothing wrong with standing by the people from one’s home province, so that in the end you are found alongside your relatives. We are a sovereign province we deserve respect.”


The snubbing of alleged G40 members from the memorial service is the latest in a long factional battle going on in the ruling party and threatening its standing in the coming 2018 elections.





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