By Leonard Koni.

Cape Town South Africa. (News Of The South) – Zimbabweans have had enough of the challenges they are subjected to every year and know what must be done. It is now crystal clear that their fighting in the government has nothing to do with the ordinary suffering Zimbabweans who have endured enough hardships.

It’s true that factionalism really exists and it is not s prank and it’s traits have now spilled into the army. Allow me to borrow some clear lenses to see and objectively look at our constitution.

Does our Constitution allow serving military personnel to dabble in partisan party politics in the name of serving?

Truth be told Zimbabwe cannot be drawn into a civil war like Somalia where there this Islamic terror group Al Shabaab wrecks cities and towns.Zimbabwe like any other African country must desist from waging a civil war. This clearly shows that whatever these people are fighting for it has nothing to do with the majority of people who are living in abject poverty and have endured hardships for a long time.

Other African countries are doing well and smoothly transferring power to new leaders without any glitches. We do appreciate what President Robert Mugabe has done to this nation when he took it from the colonial era. He did very well but he is likely to tarnish the good work by failing to choose a successor. He is likely to die in power. Unfortunately he is supposed to make his way out and build his personal relationship with other fellow retired African leaders. At this age he must do the right thing to resign and save the life of poor Zimbabweans.

There are even calls from other fellow Presidents like Ian Khama and Barack Obama who are calling for his resignation. It’s about time another president to takes over.

Robert Mugabe at 93 years should have acquired enough wisdom to retire and allow the young and
intelligent Zimbabweans to sort out ways on how to re-position our country again in the international forum. The country must be given an opportunity to move forward.

Are we in a state of emergency? This Is really bad for a country that had much hope to see it going down like this.

Zimbabweans must not take heed of Chiwenga’s statement which is void of the real issues bedevelling the ordinary peòple in the streets. He statement was pregnant with factional fight and directed to the Generation 40 because Chiwenga is not speaking on behalf of the tormented citizens but for his interests. His statement is solely zoned on a certain clique of people in the government than the entire country.

He should confine himself to
the barracks if he wants to enter into active politics than seeking political relevance or trying to save his friends.

He should first remove his combat gear, then poke his nose into politics. Why he didn’t go for a presser when Joyce Mujuru was dismissed from Zanu PF three years ago.

“When it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, military will not hesitate to step in”, Chiwenga’s press statement reads.

I think his statement has some parts that are unconstitutional.

As a Commander of Defence Forces he must not meddle neither dabble in partisan party politics. He must not tell us that he wants to stage a coup in Zimbabwe . From the statement it remains clear that Mugabe is the center of power though the army chief is not happy with the firing of Emmerson Munangagwa.

Obviously his message has targeted the Generation 40 members whom he accuses of destroying the party from within. This is really factional defence at its highest level, there is no protection of the liberation struggle which he is trying to knock into our brains. This whole thing has been caused by the President who is clinging on to power. A good leader should have produced second and third layer leadership to continue the good fight against imperialism. Zimbabweans should unite and reclaim their country. It’s sad that we have only known one leader since the revolutionary party took power from the colonial masters.

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