By Simba K Nkulah.

Harare,Zimbabwe (News of the South)- An African figure once opined to the assertion that,after climbing a great hill,one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.

The same thesis encompasses transcendent artists who aim for exceptionalism. One’s first album can never be their last either ,an artist keeps striving for greatness. In that regard, David “HD” Hondoyedzomba has seen it fit to release his third album engraved “HD.”
“My forthcoming album is called ” HD” ,simply because I want to promote my stage name for my common name David Hondoyedzomba. This album will touch on issues of survival as a musician and the album will have nine tracks. “

The art and craft of an artist can never be in consummate without the contagious, diligence, importance of an amulet producer. Reiterating to News of the South on some of the producers “HD” worked with on his forthcoming album,one can not help but marvel at the prospect of getting their hands on this hallmark album encompassed with a panache ,stellar cast of undoubtedly the best music producers in Zimbabwe at the present time.
“I did this album ” HD” with Marcelo,Kings Studio,DJ Tamuka of Military Touch (Jah Prayzah’s Stable) and in sound studio, Tawanda Midzi and Ian Ngwenya.”

The gulf and zest of music at a greater extent is to depict social commentary,that is the social,economic, religious, political divergence bedevelling the society. During David “HD” Hondoyedzomba’s insightful interview with News of the South, he did an exclusive give away as to what music fanatics can look forward to hearing on his project to be launched on the 10th of March 2018 on Star FM live at 07:00hrs CAT and Time and Jazz at 18:00 CAT.

“I did an interesting dance track on a modern tip featuring Rute Mbangwa,It’s called ” Usandisiye” and “Shiri yabvuta rekeni” depicting current changes in the political field.I recommend “Chikonamombe” or “Hamuchazondione” for music lovers out there.”

As aforementioned in this article, music depicts social commentary inevitably the sole reason music fanatics should brace themselves for “shiri yabvuta rekeni” on HD”s album. “Zimbabwe is open for business” is the gospel of the new dispensation in Zimbabwe, because the ruling government has come to terms with the idea that a country can never survive in isolation. In that regard artists can never survive in isolation they must be interwoven ,need for engagement and togetherness, during engagement one does not bring a knife that cuts but a needle that sews. An album launch without supporting acts from fellow artists is comparable to a person without a friend, he is poor in spirit and morale. David “HD” Hondoyedzomba enlighten on what music lovers can expect on his forthcoming album,
“I have my team from Crocodile sound, a military music outfit I’m affiliated to, Progress Chipfumo who plays my favorite music and has always been a big brother from way back, Tatenda Pinjisi will perform too, Rute will be with me on stage, backed with my band the blackways, and reggae band Crucial mix.We will sample a few tracks with my band the blackways and Rute for our collaboration, we will pick and sample my songs from the debut album release 2012 , second album 2015 and finally 2018 brand new songs.”

David “HD” Hondoyedzomba had a special fortitude of respect to the people who worked and are still working hard to make his album “HD” a complete, satisfactory project full of excellence, grit and flare.

“I would love to make special mentioning to Tonne, My father Major General Chima na Amai, Doc Amzhambe and Bryton , Boss Levels Norton, Boss Leo, Commanders Mechanized Brigade,Angie Wynngardt, Hozheri Josh,my band team Idah Sithole, Ishmael Savieri, Takudzwa Borerwe, Patricia Vulalo, Pride Zimbeva and Jimmy.

Sharpness, precise tonguing is needed to make a sparkling album,close attention must be paid to the dynamics of artistry in the musical realms for one to formulate and fortify an exceptional album David ” HD” Hondoyedzomba is about to unleash. Words along are fraudulent to the fragrance and authoritative nature of HD’s well mastered album. Music fanatics especially modern contemporary afro pop and jazz lovers make sure you grace the Time and Jazz at 18:00 hrs CAT on the 10th of March 2018 and on Star FM live at 07:00hrs CAT,to witness the launch of HD and the blackways lavish and impetus album. If you miss this album launch ,you will definitely miss out on greatness unleashing itself. When David “HD” Hondoyedzomba sneezes an album fever…the music world must brace themselves to catch the fever,See you at the launch.

Those who wish to be in attendance, can get the album launch tickets at Time and Jazz or can use the following number for further assistance,+263775772639 for advanced tickets. To enter one must purchase the brand new album or get the tickets at the gate on arrival.




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