By Wisdom Mumera

Harare 17 December 2013-Recently Ambassador Bruce Wharton, America’s local face and ZDERA’s nearest point of origin was waxing lyrical about a US$64 000 gift from dear Uncle Sam. That the same benevolent kin of ours (kin through the rapist who abused us from 1890 to 1980) is currently strangling our mineral windpipe, throttling our agricultural backbone and has created impossible caveats for our readmission into financial brotherhood wasn’t an issue with Wharton.

The sign of goodwill, most probably a pat on the back for a politically democratic 31st of July elections, was all that mattered. Though delivered tentatively they had agreed the elections were free and fair. Political democracy had just won and it was good. For a moment sunsets had more emphasis on tomorrow’s coming dawn not darkness pending on the last flicker of light.

High marks to their strategists, they have managed to obstruct many a view to an extent where some political parties have become lost in the fight for political fats whilst the bone and marrow of economic rights mildews into cheese for the imperialists.

This side lining of fundamental economic issues is the political strategy synonymous with today’s Western imperialism, pre-empting that we eat political democracy and every one of us should focus on that whilst they milk away the riches. MDC fell for the ruse and spent a whole campaign hiccupping on theoretical nuances about democracy whilst ZANU (PF) skipped away with victory on the back of stomach issues.

A plethora of Non Governmental Organisations have been strenuously towing the human rights line with a bias towards political democracy and the enemy has been labelled as ZANU (PF) which in reality has been fighting for the country’s economic democracy! The very danger of ZANU (PF) to the global political spectrum is how the achievements on the economic front will spur the rest to graduate from the minimum fights for political democracy.

This is not to undermine the importance of political democracy, but to shine the light more on a higher aspect of life. In any passion there is a time when French foreplay has to give way to needs of a thicker order.

Not withstanding all the authoritarianism Americans run the supposedly independent World Bank with; for all the fringe seats Africa has at the United Nations sessions(cultural exchange programme of non-entities) ; despite the flagrant disregard of resolutions with an African bias at the same institution (Kenyatta and the ICC), democracy still has to be revered. Democracy can still be taken as a medicine independent of its creator.

According to the gospel of Western politics, political democracy has to remain the main focus otherwise whatever else we achieve means nothing. It politically echoes the divine rhetoric that, “what does it benefit a man if he were to gain the whole world and lose his soul?’

It’s the salvatory point that every nation has to aspire for. From African states pleading, Legion-like, for the benediction of Western touches so that their ‘demonic’ systems can be overhauled unto democratic sanctification, to Middle Eastern fiefdoms shattered by drone dropped bombs chastening them to repent from the sinful ways of their upended political structures hailing the divine above the democratic. Democracy has always retained its high fashion over every other drab garb of governance.

The beauty of political democracy as a governance system obviously emanates from the huge Edenic idea that every one of us is having a say in a deliberated issue. The imaginative idea of a Chiendambuya old crow, scrawny and hunger stricken, having a say in who is going to occupy imperial State House, like a magnet, draws us all to stick to its iron-solid edifice. We all feel empowered and ball-ed, ready to impregnate the world with some fertile thoughts of our own.

However Africa has historically laboured to fulfil the expected potential of running its states in democratic means. Few nations like South Africa have been noted as being truly democratic states, according to the Western benchmark, but the rest of us have been branded many things due to different factors, true and concocted.

The irony about South Africa’s democracy is that Pan Africanists across the African divide contend that economically it has failed to really liberate the ordinary African. Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) present tide of populism stems from this very realisation that the Rainbow Nation motif is a cosmetic political facial that is really doing little to change the underlying eco-social needs of the people.

After the equalitarian political field of supposedly repentant Boers and forgiving Zulus; long after two bearded lips have lustfully collided to rapturous applause for a liberal nation and Mandela’s statue has been erected and polished, the mass of poverty stricken blacks has always trekked back into shanty holes whilst the white percent flies back to their mansions. Long after a high sounding constitution with an embrace so wide that it seems to take everyone into its supposed progressive hug, the African owners of South Africa have still found their portion in the hairy zone where it stinks the most.

The clock of political democracy has continued ticking righteously correct to the milli-second that you can be anything you want to be in this rainbow nation. That’s a statement coined straight from Big Brother America’s The American Dream.

Thus South Africa has found itself weighted by a very expensive political importation that is failing to be awed at by its fellow local Africans. It’s the expensive Christmas toy for the young boy that fails to excite any of his friends much to the consternation of the young guy and his Big Brother big brother.
A day after his burial Mandela’s standing is still a contentious two colour picture of a warrior liberator who may have left too early the economic fight. Arguable.

The other bend of the political democracy curve has a bloody list. Congo, bickering and fighting eternally, Mali fractured with war zones and Somalia riddled with pirates plus a formerly genocidal Rwanda are all examples of failed states according to the gospel of democracy.

Where South Africa has over-refined its democracy to a point of economic impotence for the majority, theses other countries have eroded its bare essentials to the crudest forms, arming Western nations with the armoury to attack the non-evolving barbarians of Africa. Their blood and gore has been an easy portrait to paint showing their shortcomings, whilst the fake gloss of South Africa has falsely out shined reality. The high sounding constitutional clichés have made no economic difference to many black natives.
That’s where the Zimbabwean example should come in. Politically rock-solid stable when weighted against the tremors of West African civil warring nations, and progressive, through indigenisation, when compared to the retrogressive liberality of South Africa’s arty dawns that are actually sunsets for the majority blacks.

Just because the political artists of the rainbow nation have incorrectly packaged and labelled an era does not make it what they say. Reality goes deeper than the amount of verbs and adjectives used to describe a fake gloss portrait.

The same applies to the local example where a foreign engineered agenda to spite the economic advances as a useless worldly investment without the heavenly attain-ship of salvation through political democracy, should be ignored.

Whereas political democracy is the foundation upon which progression can be built it need not be the final bend of the journey for any state since it suffices nothing more than our self-actualization spirits. Whilst political democracy has a higher-calling aura about it, economical shortcomings are always bound to impact more painfully as Libyans are realizing.

Thus while America’s hushed intonation that the elections were free and fair was welcome it still means nothing if economically they are continuing with economic sabotage. A politically democratic space allowing me to choose who is to oversee my hunger filled days isn’t a worthy substitute for an economic salsa where I refer to the government with cultic terms.




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