By Leonard Koni.

Cape Town, South Africa. (News of The South) – Addressing thousands of people gathered at Stanley Square grounds in Bulawayo the people braved the rainy weather in order to witness the signing in ceremony of the much awaited People’s Rainbow Coalition.

Dr. Amai Joice Mujuru said that the signing ceremony signified a milestone for the coalition’s historic journey together as they prepare for the crucial 2018 election watershed. “The potential threat for Zimbabwe to further degenerate into a dynasty is risky to all Zimbabweans. Our very nationhood is at stake and it is our duty as a nation to come together and unite in order to face the challenges” , she said amid ululations from the crowd.

She went on to say that the 11th day of November 2017 was going to be in history as the day a government in waiting was declared by different Political Parties, offering the suffering masses of Zimbabwe hope, peace and freedom after ZANU PF’s misrule.

“Over the past few years our parties have come to know each other and it is indeed assuring to note that we share similar ideological mindset. Our willingness to attend each other’s gatherings for support , highlights our sincere mutual respect. Ours was more than just a ‘meeting of like political minds’ but rather a valuable process of cross-pollinating synergies”, she elaborated.

“It is very satisfying that we have now reached this important milestone in our relationship and have now officially appended our signatures to this important document a document that signifies our commitment to each other, and to the nation” she told the people.

As she had been nominated on the 20th of October 2017 to be the Presidential candidate for the 2018 by the coalition she said she was humbled by the nomination and told the gathering that she was prepared to lead under the guidance of the wishes of the people who have suffered for too long.

She assured the people that the country needed the people’s support to be transformed socially, economically and politically following the values, principles and objectives of the armed struggle. She said in this struggle, tens of thousands of people died, some were maimed, some live with shrapnel and wounds that no longer heal while some lost their life time wealth looking after freedom fighters.

“The current Zanu PF government has made these very people poor but those with money want to take them for a ride. These people have independent minds of their own and are capable of making choices and rational decisions. They have their dignity to maintain and even build where it has been flouted. This is one of the common denominator that has brought us together”.

Dr Mujuru said the PRC has a diverse membership that believes in using a ‘grassroots consultative approach’, hence they have taken this long to finally get to where they are today. The leadership that PRC is striving to have in order to achieve this transformation is ‘people servant leadership’ not ‘rulers of people’. She said the leadership should not go about giving negative decisions in the name of “Vakuru vati”, “Umongameli uthi,” translating to “The President said that ” syndrome, No! No No! that should not be entertained in People’s Rainbow Coalition “.

She went on to say that this Coalition is a people centered and people driven, so there was need to respect the people. She reiterated that the people have stood with them through thick and thin and that it was time they realize what they have suffered for.

Regardless of their political affiliations she stressed that PRC is set to represent their interests. She said the PRC is a new Coalition Party with a President that was freely and democratically chosen. There was general agreement not to decimate each other’s party and that the parties should remain as they are in order to maintain continuity for all their different support bases across the country. Dr Mujuru said the PRC is their vehicle that will take them. to election victory, and thereafter will form a government that will run for 5 years.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, we don’t deserve to be in this predicament we presently find ourselves, where almost everyone has been reduced to a vendor or a beggar. Why do we behave as if this suffering is normal and the right way to live? No! This is not what the armed struggle was for. The armed struggle for this country was meant for everybody who calls Zimbabwe home, to have a good and prosperous life in a free country where resources must be distributed equitably” , she said.

She chronicled how she used to tell recruits during political orientation, that the hunger they were facing was going to be a thing of the past in a free Zimbabwe. She said she was not happy to see the prevailing situation now where signs of a hijacked revolution are showing their ugly face through the negation of the values of the liberation struggle.

She went on to say the hopes, plans and expectations have been decimated through the mismanagement of the economy. Now that the freedom train has come to take the people of Zimbabwe to the promised land of milk and honey. She gave an example of the biblical story of the children of Israel and that they had the mandate to fulfill the obligations.

Dr Mujuru told the crowd that they should not envy what Zanu PF administration is doing by continuing bribing Chiefs with trinkets when their subjects are living in abject poverty. She said that money would rather be used to fund programs that benefit more of their people, like buying ambulance for rural hospitals and repairs to terrible river crossings.

She bemoaned of government expenditure on abusing resources through hiring multitudes of people going province after province addressing them denigrating each other instead of finding the solution of the dying economy of this country. She said people are spending quality time going after imported products that should have been produced in our factories that were long closed because of poor economic policies. The people were spending much of their time waiting for bonds notes which are not there.

“Thousands of university graduates don’t know a pay slip due to high levels of unemployment. When some resorted to Mai Mugabe’s call to be vendors, the system is now setting police to remove them and even confiscate their wares. People don’t know what to do because brother is now set against brother, son after a mother who is fending for a starving family. When our children acquired different qualifications, they had ambitions to be employed but they are let down by the poor system”

She told the gathering that when she was the Vice President she had programs for small business enterprises that people were running in some parts of the country.

These included small grain projects for food self sufficiency, one of which was launched at the late Chief Chimombe’s homestead in Buhera. Horticultural projects were also started in Cashel Valley, Dotito fowl runs were constructed and people had fantastic chicken businesses.

The same failed administration destroyed all these efforts and all projects are now obsolete. Dande irrigation scheme in Chief Chapoto’s area in Kanyemba, as well as Binga had large tracts of land that were cleared with the intention of establishing productive irrigation land but these efforts were put to waste.

The Zambezi water project was supposed to be completed a long time ago in order to give Bulawayo sufficient clean water and clear agricultural land along the corridor in order to produce for the industrial rehabilitation plan of the city and the surrounding areas.

Now that the Democratic grouping through PRC has signed the document, they were going into retreat so that they could come up with policies and the Manifesto that they will use during their campaign and in setting up of the new government.

“Ladies and Gentleman, the work starts now in earnest as we must hit the ground running to fulfill the expectations of all the Zimbabweans. Let us register to vote so that we can vote in our large numbers, win resoundingly and form the new Government come 2018. Let us all work hard to change this system and replace it with a people centered government” she said.

The People’s Rainbow Coalition President said efforts of Ubaba uNkomo, Herbert Chitepo, Nikita Mangena, J. Z. Moyo, Josiah Tongogara and multitudes laying buried in many places cannot go in vain.

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