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Innovation- Tonic For Africa`s Development

By Lazarus Sauti , 16 , Oct 2013

African researchers need to come up with scientific and technological innovations that can enhance value-addition processes and boost economic growth. Science and technological researchers should also support put great emphasis .. Read More →

Popularising e-Libraries In Africa

By Lazarus Sauti , 15 , Oct 2013

E-libraries (library resources that are available online through computers and databases) are crucial in Africa’s socio-economic development since they provide wide access to information and knowledge. Although they are important .. Read More →

World`s Population To Embrace Internet By Year End

By Lorraine Mashandure , 10 , Oct 2013

Thursday 10 October 2013(News of the South)- Over 2.7 billion which is 40 per cent of the world’s population will be online by year end in addition to the 250million .. Read More →

Science And Technology Conference Ends In Harare

By Norman Muvavarirwa , 10 , Oct 2013

By Norman Muvavarirwa The Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Conference and Exhibition opened on Wednesday in the capital Harare amid high expectations that it would raise awareness and the profile .. Read More →

Google and Facebook Are the Internet Giants

By Norman Muvavarirwa , 09 , Oct 2013

Google, Facebook dominate 'Internet Empire’ The Internet is dominated by the two “empires” of Google and Facebook, according to researchers at Oxford University in England. Google dominates much of the .. Read More →

Mobile Science Lab The Education Game Changer

By Lazarus Sauti , 07 , Oct 2013

Lazarus Sauti Countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region must embrace mobile science laboratories to effectively change the science education landscape. This is so because mobile science laboratories .. Read More →

New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Can Change Your life

By Correspondent , 06 , Oct 2013

Samsung Mobile has once again proved to be the pace setter of the smart phone and android evolution with the official launch of Samsung GALAXY Note 3 within the GALAXY .. Read More →

New Website launched To Promote Women`s Online Presence

By Correspondent , 05 , Oct 2013

By The Voice London - A NEW web based initiative, aimed at helping women in the creative industries use technology was launched at City Hall last week. The Digital Women .. Read More →

Orbital Cygnus Freighter Reaches International Space Station

By Thelmah Chandafira , 30 , Sep 2013

According to Jonathan Amos of BBC, the new Cygnus freighter has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) carrying about 700kg (1,500lb) of food and other supplies. Astronauts on the .. Read More →