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African Tablet Competes With iPad

By Correspondent , 15 , Feb 2014

Technology`s tablets, which are light mobile computers, are currently in vogue. Tablets are they are handy and easy to use, tablets are especially popular with students, business people and professionals. .. Read More →

ICTs Crucial In Gender Based Violence Fight

By Lazarus Sauti , 09 , Feb 2014

Lazarus Sauti Gender based violence (physical, emotional or psychological violence carried out against a person because of that person’s gender) is an insult to human dignity and to the basic .. Read More →

Embrace Modern Technology To Solve Food Insecurity In Africa

By Lazarus Sauti , 07 , Feb 2014

Lazarus Sauti According to Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion, 34 percent higher than today’s population, by 2050. This means more .. Read More →

Modern Science Needs Local Languages

By Lazarus Sauti , 05 , Feb 2014

Lazarus Sauti In spite of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s assertion that educating learners in a language that they understand best is a tenet of good practice, .. Read More →

Technological Innovation An Economic Game Changer

By Lazarus Sauti , 01 , Feb 2014

Lazarus Sauti Technological innovation - the development through which improved technologies are expanded and brought into extensive application - represents a way for countries in Africa to foster social and .. Read More →

Lenovo To Buy Motorolla From Google For $2.75bn

By editor , 30 , Jan 2014

The Motorolla Mobility business belonging to technology firm Google will be sold to Lenovo in a deal costing ($2.75bn) (£1.75bn) Google has so far cut down its 20 000 workforce .. Read More →

Science And Technology Festivals Critical To Africa’s Development

By Lazarus Sauti , 24 , Jan 2014

Lazarus Sauti Professor Justin Jonas of the Square Kilometer Array (a collaborative international radio telescope project involving eight sub-Saharan African nations, as well as countries around the world), once said: .. Read More →

Mobile Health Most Profound Game Changer

By Lazarus Sauti , 21 , Jan 2014

Lazarus Sauti HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and pregnancy-related conditions account for 3 million deaths in Africa every year, according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Pricewaterhouse Coopers also says in Sub-Saharan Africa, over 1.2 .. Read More →

India Designs Hand Gun For Women

By Correspondent , 19 , Jan 2014

Kanpur- India has launched a new handgun for women, named after a student who was gang-raped in Delhi in December 2012 and later died of her injuries. Officials say it .. Read More →