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Mugabe’s Motorcade Seen Leaving His Residence

By Correspondent , 16 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) -Finally there is movement at President Mugabe ‘s “Blue Roof” residence. Motorcade driven out 10 minutes ago. And two helicopters landed. Negotiations appear to .. Read More →

Election Resource Center Calls for Clear Roadmap After ‘Coup’

By Mumera Wisdom , 16 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-In light of the recent events in the country where the military has reportedly taken control of critical state agencies and apparatus, the Election Resource .. Read More →

Masvingo Resident Minister Chimedza Arrested While Fleeing

By Correspondent , 16 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-Masvingo resident minister Paul Chimedza has allegedly been arrested at an army roadblock in Bubi while trying to flee to South Africa.   Chimedza joins three .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Situation Remains Fluid- US

By Correspondent , 16 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)- The State Department says the United States is "concerned by recent actions undertaken by Zimbabwe's military forces" and it calls on the country's leaders .. Read More →

Mugabe Remains Under House Arrest

By Correspondent , 15 , Nov 2017

Zimbabwe's military has told regional leaders its move to seize power from President Robert Mugabe and take over his Government's institutions is "not a coup d'etat", regional officials say. Key .. Read More →

Conference This Saturday To Go To Roots of Black History Month

By Correspondent , 15 , Nov 2017

Black History Month (BHM) has become established since its introduction in Britain 30 years ago. Prime Minister Theresa May held a BHM event in 10 Downing Street, whilst London Mayor .. Read More →

Pictures : Ignatious Chombo`s House After Arrest

By Eugene Majuru , 15 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) -Tuesday saw the arrest of Zimbabwean Minister Ignatious Chombo where gunshots were fired. see pics below: .. Read More →

Grace Mugabe Has Fled To Namibia And Is No Longer Significant: Nick Mangwana

By Correspondent , 15 , Nov 2017

Nick Mangwana, a Zanu-PF representative in the UK, has told the BBC’s World Update programme that he has also received reports that First Lady Grace Mugabe is no longer in .. Read More →

Mugabe Is No Longer President Of Zimbabwe: Acie Lumumba

By Correspondent , 15 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) - Following the military take Over of Zimbabwe by the military on Tuesday night Mugabe and his family are now under house arrest according .. Read More →