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Zimbabwe To Access Chemotherapy Drugs

By Correspondent , 19 , Oct 2017

by Stephen Chandisareva. Harare. - (News of the South) – Government said the country will shortly benefit from cheap chemotherapy drugs sourced from reputable pharmaceutical companies. Officially opening a clinical .. Read More →

National Foods Continues To Support Government Initiatives

By Correspondent , 17 , Oct 2017

by Stephen Chandisareva. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of the South) - National Foods has vowed to continue supporting government initiatives in order to reduce malnutrition cases. National Foods Limited is one .. Read More →

Well Attended Sanganai/ Hlanganani Expo To Boost Victoria Falls

By Correspondent , 17 , Oct 2017

by Stephen Chandisareva. Harare. (News of the South) – Zimbabwe Council for Tourism is confident that the just ended 2017 Sanganai/Hlanganani Expo is going to increase Victoria Falls tourist average .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Up Against the Wall in Cyber Crime Fight

By Correspondent , 17 , Oct 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)- Cases of cyber crime are costing the world more than US$500 billion according to estimates by researchers.     Cyber crime, which a been .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Celebrates Africa Prisons And Correctional Services Day In Style

By Richmore Tera , 17 , Oct 2017

By Richmore Tera. Harare. (News Of The South) - ZIMBABWE recently joined the rest of the African continent in commemorating the Africa Prisons and Correctional Services Day when the Zimbabwe .. Read More →

Eiffle Tower to Dim Lights for Somali Victims

By Correspondent , 17 , Oct 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)The Eiffel Tower will dim its lights in solidarity with Somalia and in mourning for more than 300 people killed in the country's deadliest-ever attack. .. Read More →

Divas Of Colour Partners With Global Modelling Concept To Provide Models For 2018 International Fashion Week In London

By Correspondent , 16 , Oct 2017

London. - Organisers of Divas of Colour International Women's festival are pleased to announce their partnership with the Global Modeling Concept, Nigeria to provide their models to take part in .. Read More →

Indonesian Goalkeeper Collapses And Dies In Mid Game Collision

By Islam Sabulino , 16 , Oct 2017

By ISLAM SABULINO. (News of The South) - Legendary Indonesia goalminder, Choirul Huda died after collapsing to the ground following a collision with his team mate towards the end of .. Read More →

History As Zimbabwe Builds “Titanic” Houseboat

By Correspondent , 16 , Oct 2017

By Correspondent in Harare. (News of The South) - Zimbabwe, despite its economic hardships, has beaten South Africa and other SADC countries in building a mini "Titanic" Houseboat. It has .. Read More →