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Pepfar USA Rolls Out Free HIV And AIDS Programmes In Zimbabwe

By Correspondent , 29 , May 2018

By NEVSON MPOFU. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) - PEPFAR-President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief an American HIV and AIDS humanitarian Organization is currently reaching out in all provinces .. Read More →

Communities In Kariba District Urged To Get Prepared For Disasters

By Correspondent , 29 , May 2018

STORY BY ---- NEVSON MPOFU . Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) - Communities in Zimbabwe prone to disasters and hazards likely to affect people in the areas must work .. Read More →

Farai And The Forest Dawn Announce Come back With Upcoming Concert

By Correspondent , 29 , May 2018

Farai and the Forest Dawn (FFD) frontman, Farai Muvuti has announced that his band is returning to the music scene this month at upcoming festival, Focus Africa. Focus Africa Music .. Read More →

She Festival UK Inaugural Event A Resounding Success

By Correspondent , 27 , May 2018

London. (News of The South) - She Festival 2018 held its inaugural event, with over 400 guests attending the celebration that featured Zimbabwe’s agony aunt, Mai Chisamba. Organised and sponsored .. Read More →

Africa Day’s Significance In Lens

By Correspondent , 26 , May 2018

By Linda T. Masarira Britain glitters amazingly with gold, unfortunately the sad part is that the source of the glitters is not shining and is the extremely dull Africa. Each .. Read More →

Apex Council’s 2018 Great Betrayal

By Correspondent , 26 , May 2018

By Dr Takafira Zhou. Harare, Zimbabwe. - It is a fact that capital and labour are strange bad fellows. The recent Apex romance with government has eraised all our hopes .. Read More →

Proplastics Revenue Up 86 Percent In Q1Gross Profit Increases

By Correspondent , 25 , May 2018

By Almot Maqolo. HARARE, Zimbabwe (News of The South) – Plastics manufacturer, Proplastics says its revenue for the first four months to April 30 was 86 percent above the same .. Read More →

Swipe Into Ecocash To Stay Says Ecocash, Econet and Steward Bank

By Correspondent , 24 , May 2018

By Beaven Dhliwayo. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South), 2018 - Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd, the parent company of EcoCash and Steward Bank said that there are no plans .. Read More →

African Communicators Discuss Continents Narrative At British library

By Correspondent , 23 , May 2018

By Prince Akpah. (News of The South)- The London edition of Africa Communications Week (ACW) hosted by Abjel Communications will take place on Friday 25th May at the British Library. .. Read More →