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I Brought Life into Parliament: Mliswa

By Correspondent , 19 , Jul 2018

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Incumbent Member of Parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa says his entrance into the House of Assembly injected life into the legislative institution which was usually .. Read More →

“Shambolic Voters Roll” A Case Study Of Mberengwa North – Dr Takafira Zhou

By Correspondent , 10 , Jul 2018

Mberengwa,Zimbabwe.- Our preliminary study of Mberengwa North voters' roll revealed a sorry state that will seriously compromise the forthcoming elections. Some of the unravelled issues are as follows: 1. People .. Read More →

Norton Puts Mliswa on the Brink of History

By Correspondent , 03 , Jul 2018

By Munesu Chigada Norton finds itself on the cusp of defying the country's two main parties by flexing its democratic right and going for the man who has already served .. Read More →

Closer Look At Bomb Blast At White City Stadium Bulawayo

By Correspondent , 25 , Jun 2018

The government must deploy more security personnel as we draw near the harmonised elections in a couple of weeks to come. By Leonard Koni. It appears Zimbabwe may be heading .. Read More →

White City Stadium Now Deserted After Bomb Blast

By Correspondent , 23 , Jun 2018

Bulawayo.- (News of The South)- White City stadium in Bulawayo is now deserted following the bomb blast as Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa was making his way out. Emergency services attended to .. Read More →

MDC Statement On High Court Order To Provide ERC With Copy Of Voters Roll

By Correspondent , 16 , Jun 2018

Press Statement The High court order, ordering Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to provide ERC with a copy of the provisional voters roll came too late. An election indicates the existence of .. Read More →

Political Crackdown In Malawi As Vice President Dumps Ruling Party Due To High Level of Corruption And Nepotism

By Correspondent , 09 , Jun 2018

By Elina Mbale. Lilongwe, Malawi (News of The South) - In a dramatic turn of events, Malawi's Vice President Dr Saulo's Chilima has resigned from the rulling party just nine .. Read More →

COMESA Election Observer Team on Zimbabwe Visit

By Correspondent , 27 , May 2018

By Xinhua. HARARE: A nine member pre-election observer team from the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) is in Zimbabwe to assess the electoral environment ahead of harmonized .. Read More →

Parliament In Dilemma As Court Rules In Favour Of Khupe

By Correspondent , 22 , May 2018

By Beaven Dhliwayo. Harare. (News Of The South) – Parliament of Zimbabwe is in dilemma following the recent High Court ruling which ruled an application by Mr Nelson Chamisa seeking .. Read More →