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Biti Calls VP Mnangagwa Drunken for statements concerning $9 billion

By Mumera Wisdom , 16 , May 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Opposition party leader Tendai Biti has lambasted VP Emmerson Mnangagwa for uttering fallacious statements pertaining to the presence of $9 billion in the country’s banks. .. Read More →

ZANU PF Lambasted for Double Standards as Party Acquires Fleet of Ford Vehicles for 2018

By Correspondent , 15 , May 2017

Godfrey Tembo Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-ZANU PF is exhibiting double standards in relation to the use of foreign currency after going out and splashing hundreds of thousands on .. Read More →

US President Trump promises to Continue Funding Mugabe

By Correspondent , 12 , May 2017

By Munesu Chigada. Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Contrary to expectations President Donald Trump seems set to continue funding the Zimbabwean government despite earlier election promises to come down hard .. Read More →

‘Mugabe is not sleeping but avoiding light’, Charamba

By Correspondent , 12 , May 2017

By Godfrey Tembo. Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-President Mugabe’s peculiar eye problem at 93 requires that he keep his head down to avoid light leading to people thinking he .. Read More →

Kabila Defies Main Opposition and Names Transitional Gvt

By Correspondent , 09 , May 2017

By Aaron Ross Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South) - Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila on Tuesday named a new transitional government, state television said, defying opponents who .. Read More →

Coerced Patriotism Zimbabwe Peace Project Monthly Monitoring Report – April 2017

By Munesu Chigada , 08 , May 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South) - Executive Summary This year’s Independence celebrations resulted in human rights violations both before and after the event in terms of political harassment and .. Read More →

Macron wins French presidency

By Correspondent , 08 , May 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South) - Emmanuel Macron was elected French president on Sunday with a business-friendly vision of European integration, defeating Marine Le Pen, a far-right nationalist who threatened to .. Read More →

Zanu set for another Factional Tussle

By Mumera Wisdom , 07 , May 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South) - Factionally ridden Zanu-PF is set to have another frictitious matter to deal with after it went ahead and included Retired Colonel Mutero Masanganise's .. Read More →

National Peoples Party (NPP) Masvingo Province’s Reaction To Mahofa’s Statement On Selective Job Recruitment

By Correspondent , 06 , May 2017

NPP MASVINGO PROVINCE'S REACTION TO MAHOFA'S STATEMENT ON SELECTIVE JOB RECRUITMENT. Harare; Zimbabwe. -The dualization of the Harare-Bietbridge Road provides a unique opportunity for job creation in a country where .. Read More →