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Zimbabwe Election Celebrations Morning Dew

By Correspondent , 06 , Nov 2013

By Moses Chibaya Despite pomp and fanfare that characterised President Robert Mugabe’s seventh inauguration -chicken slice and six packs of soft drinks being distributed to almost everyone who cared to .. Read More →

Jailed Teenage Activist On Hunger Strike In Angola

By Correspondent , 06 , Nov 2013

Luanda (AFP) - A 17-year-old Angolan activist arrested seven weeks ago for printing T-shirts calling the country's president a "dictator" has gone on a hunger strike, his lawyer said Tuesday. .. Read More →

Professor Moyo Commended

By Lazarus Sauti , 05 , Nov 2013

PANOS Institute Southern Africa (PSaf) executive director, Lilian Kiefer commends Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Professor Jonathan Moyo for his efforts to work with different stakeholders in .. Read More →

Infrastructure Key To Africa`s Development

By Lazarus Sauti , 04 , Nov 2013

By Lazarus Sauti Poorly planned and under-developed infrastructure is one of the greatest impediments to improved intra-Africa trade and is proving to be a problem to improving the lives of .. Read More →

Soil Fertility Under Threat: Wits Scientist

By Lazarus Sauti , 04 , Nov 2013

By Lazarus Sauti Mary Scholes, Professor in the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences at Wits University in South Africa says soil productivity is being severely impacted by erosion, .. Read More →

Zimbabweans Must Bury The Hatchet: Heal Zimbabwe Trust

By Correspondent , 04 , Nov 2013

By Nomore Chinoda Heal Zimbabwe Trust, an organization focused on rebuilding national cohesion through promotion of tolerance and co-existence in local communities says Zimbabweans must fail political affiliations and start .. Read More →

What`s In A Name

By Correspondent , 04 , Nov 2013

By Masimba Mukichi To be honest I am kind of smitten by African names particularly of cities in Africa. I am intrinsically motivated to leave no stone un turned to .. Read More →

South Africa`s TB Research Funding Drops

By Correspondent , 04 , Nov 2013

TB in South Africa is on the rise, but research funding falls short..... Funding for tuberculosis research and development has dropped worldwide, with South Africa also taking a severe knock. .. Read More →

Press In Kenya In Arms Over Draconian Media Bill

By Correspondent , 03 , Nov 2013

Nairobi (AFP) - Kenya's media reacted with shock and outrage Friday after parliament voted through a bill that could see journalists and outlets slapped with huge fines for violating a .. Read More →