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Swazi Pastors Are Followers Of Eat Grass Pastor Lesego Daniel

By Correspondent , 20 , Jan 2014

MBABANE – Certain Swazi pastors usually attend services and seminars hosted by Pastor Lesego Daniel who is famous for forcing his members to eat grass to be closer to God. .. Read More →

Senegal Firm On Capture Of Russian Crawler

By Correspondent , 20 , Jan 2014

Dakar (AFP) - Two weeks after impounding a Russian trawler accused of illegal fishing in its waters, Senegal has not blinked in the face of huge diplomatic pressure from one .. Read More →

Drought Hit Kenya Begs Uganda For Grazing Land

By Correspondent , 20 , Jan 2014

Kaabong/Kotido- The raging drought in Kenya has forced Turkana leaders to appeal to the Uganda government to allow pastoralists to cross the border and graze their animals in the Karamoja .. Read More →

Popular Ghanaian BBC Journalist Komla Dumor Has Died

By Correspondent , 19 , Jan 2014

Popular Ghanaian Journalist Komla Dumor is reported dead after suffering from a cardiac arrest, according to a source from BBC. Komla Dumor who works as a Broadcast Journalist with the .. Read More →

Video:Mugabe At State House

By Hilda Desai , 19 , Jan 2014

Zimbabwe`s President Robert Mugabe who hit the headlines in papers world wide when rumour spread that he had passed away is alive and strong. In the video Mugabe is seen .. Read More →

Light At End Of Tunnel For Prostate Cancer Sufferers

By Correspondent , 19 , Jan 2014

By Masimba Mukichi Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in aging men. Men over the age of 50 are encouraged to take up prostate cancer screening – the tests .. Read More →

Adoption Of African Children In Crisis Is Only Hope

By Correspondent , 19 , Jan 2014

Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) - Two-year-old Mercia clung unsteadily to Pierrette's dress, a potential candidate for adoption in the orphanage run by the elderly lady as clashes wracked the .. Read More →

Woman Addicted To Chewing And Sniffing Dirty Diapers

By Correspondent , 18 , Jan 2014

By Masimba Mukichi In TLC’s new episode of My Strange Addiction, 22-year old Keyshia from Queens, New York has revealed that she is addicted to hoarding, sniffing and chewing on .. Read More →

Colonial Hangover Haunting Africa’s Development

By Lazarus Sauti , 17 , Jan 2014

Lazarus Sauti Hangover is simply a relict of the past and colonial hangover refers to rules and standards of behaviour peculiar only to the old colonial system. This less subtle .. Read More →