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Zambia Arrests Poachers With 115kgs Of Ivory

By Correspondent , 25 , Dec 2013

Lusaka (AFP) - The Zambia Wildlife Authority has arrested two people in possession of more than 115 kilogrammes (250 pounds) of ivory, the authority's spokeswoman Readith Muliyunda said Tuesday. The .. Read More →

Thousands Flock To Vatican As Pope Marks First Christmas

By Correspondent , 25 , Dec 2013

Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Francis held his first Christmas Eve mass in the Vatican by highlighting the role played by humble shepherds in the Nativity, as thousands flocked to .. Read More →

Glorius Sunset Novel By Masimba Mukichi

By Correspondent , 25 , Dec 2013

Review by David Mungoshi Mukichi’s book is an engaging one that most sensitive people should find irresistible. The plot is common enough: a threesome in love with the third person .. Read More →

Humans will colonise the moon: Hadfield

By Lazarus Sauti , 24 , Dec 2013

Lazarus Sauti According to one of the International Space Station’s most respected astronauts, Commander Chris Hadfield, no human has set foot on the moon for nearly four decades, but earth .. Read More →

Botswana`s 12 Metre Christmas Tree Features In City

By Correspondent , 24 , Dec 2013

A 12 metre high Christmas tree, which is also six metres wide, has taken centre stage at the Airport Junction Mall. The colourful tree is also decorated with 16 000 .. Read More →

Ministry crafts GBV information template

By Lazarus Sauti , 23 , Dec 2013

Lazarus Sauti Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development has devised a template which has been distributed to stakeholders with the aim of getting more accurate information on .. Read More →

Uganda Passes Anti- Gay Law With Penalty Of Life Imprisonment

By Correspondent , 23 , Dec 2013

UGANDAN POLITICIANS passed an anti-gay law that punishes “aggravated homosexuality’ with life imprisonment as the maximum penalty. It also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to .. Read More →

10 Die In Nairobi Slum As Kenyan Train Derails

By Correspondent , 23 , Dec 2013

Nairobi (AFP) - A cargo train derailed in a sprawling Nairobi slum on Sunday, injuring at least 10 people as it crashed into makeshift homes where people are feared still .. Read More →

Chrstmas Comes But Once A Year

By Correspondent , 23 , Dec 2013

By Masimba Mukichi Hippity hip hooray! Thank God it’s Friday – Black Friday, the last Friday before Christmas. Most companies have closed for Christmas. The trains, buses and cars are .. Read More →