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South Africa Mall Collapse Claims One And Injures Many

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 21 , Nov 2013

South Africa mall collapse claims one and injured many Authorities say at least one was killed while many were injured after a roof collapsed on a mall that was under .. Read More →

Three Year Caution For Nurse Who Put Baby In Cupbord

By Correspondent , 21 , Nov 2013

Midwife Who Put Baby In Cupboard Gets Three-Year Caution Yvonne Musonda-Malata, 35, was found guilty of failing to provide appropriate clinincal care over incident CAUTIONED: Midwife Yvonne Musonda-Malata A TRIBUNAL .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Not Child Friendly

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 20 , Nov 2013

Zimbabwe was ranked on the bottom 10 of the 52 African countries in a report on Child Friendliness issued by the African Child Policy Forum according to the African Report .. Read More →

South Africa`s Rape Cases Alarming

By Tatenda Chambwe , 20 , Nov 2013

South Africa suffers a lot of violence which is also underlined by high rape statistics. “The prevalence of rape and particularly multiple perpetrator rape is unusually high,” according to a .. Read More →

Qatar Hit By Floods

By Best Masinire , 20 , Nov 2013

The western Asian country of Qatar has been hit by a serious flood that has caused water pooling on local roads, resulting in people using boats and schools being closed. .. Read More →

Ghana Backs Down On Condom Tax

By Correspondent , 20 , Nov 2013

Accra (AFP) - Ghana on Tuesday backed down on a proposed tax on imported condoms after mooting increased levies on foreign-made goods as a way of cutting government debt. Finance .. Read More →

Kenyan Rhino Killed By Poachers In Brazen Attack

By Correspondent , 19 , Nov 2013

Isiolo (Kenya) (AFP) - Poachers slaughtered a rhino in one of Kenya's best guarded wildlife parks, officials said Tuesday, in a brazen attack highlighting the risks gunmen are taking during .. Read More →

Experts Discover New Approach To Table Climate Change

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 19 , Nov 2013

As UN climate talks stall, experts identify new approach to tackling climate change, food insecurity and poverty. 'Fragmentation is our enemy': why we must work together across landscapes Warsaw, Poland .. Read More →

Homosexuality Is Highly Considered For Asylum Cases

By Tatenda Chambwe , 19 , Nov 2013

The European Union’s (EU) highest court has ruled that the fear of imprisonment for being homosexual in African countries is now to be considered justifiable grounds for asylum in the .. Read More →