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Czech Businessman Man Arrested By South African Police

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2013

Johannesburg (AFP) - South African police said Friday they have arrested a Czech fugitive who is the controversial owner of a Johannesburg area shop where an explosion last week killed .. Read More →

Mali shooting Suspect Hates white Investigators

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2013

Bamako (AFP) - A Malian arrested after a French police officer was shot at in Bamako "hates white people" and has a history of violence, sources close to the investigation .. Read More →

Opposition Boycott Fail To Halt Mauritania Elections

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2013

Nouakchott (AFP) - Mauritanians voted on Saturday in nationwide elections overshadowed by a boycott of the "radical" opposition -- apart from an Islamist party calling its participation a struggle against .. Read More →

Political Will Key To Biotech Success: FAO Report

By Lazarus Sauti , 22 , Nov 2013

By Lazarus Sauti Political will and farmer involvement are critical to direct research and innovation on biotechnologies that could cut poverty in rural areas of developing countries. This is according .. Read More →

Nigerian President Falls Ill In London

By Correspondent , 21 , Nov 2013

Abuja (AFP) - Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan received unplanned medical treatment in London on Thursday after he "became indisposed" and was forced to miss a scheduled meeting, his spokesman said. .. Read More →

Church Of England Supports Women Bishops In Principle

By Correspondent , 21 , Nov 2013

By Nomore Chinoda The Church of England's national assembly gave a strong backing to the principle of allowing women bishops by voting overwhelmingly in favour of their proposals on Wednesday. .. Read More →

An Underwater Hotel Opens In Africa

By Best Masinire , 21 , Nov 2013

By Best Masinire Joining a list of other experimental under-the-sea hotel rooms in Florida, Sweden and the Maldives, the underwater room at Manta Resort on remote Pemba Island in Tanzania’s .. Read More →

South Africa Mall Collapse Claims One And Injures Many

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 21 , Nov 2013

South Africa mall collapse claims one and injured many Authorities say at least one was killed while many were injured after a roof collapsed on a mall that was under .. Read More →

Three Year Caution For Nurse Who Put Baby In Cupbord

By Correspondent , 21 , Nov 2013

Midwife Who Put Baby In Cupboard Gets Three-Year Caution Yvonne Musonda-Malata, 35, was found guilty of failing to provide appropriate clinincal care over incident CAUTIONED: Midwife Yvonne Musonda-Malata A TRIBUNAL .. Read More →