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Church Of England Supports Women Bishops In Principle

By Correspondent , 21 , Nov 2013

By Nomore Chinoda The Church of England's national assembly gave a strong backing to the principle of allowing women bishops by voting overwhelmingly in favour of their proposals on Wednesday. .. Read More →

An Underwater Hotel Opens In Africa

By Best Masinire , 21 , Nov 2013

By Best Masinire Joining a list of other experimental under-the-sea hotel rooms in Florida, Sweden and the Maldives, the underwater room at Manta Resort on remote Pemba Island in Tanzania’s .. Read More →

South Africa Mall Collapse Claims One And Injures Many

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 21 , Nov 2013

South Africa mall collapse claims one and injured many Authorities say at least one was killed while many were injured after a roof collapsed on a mall that was under .. Read More →

Three Year Caution For Nurse Who Put Baby In Cupbord

By Correspondent , 21 , Nov 2013

Midwife Who Put Baby In Cupboard Gets Three-Year Caution Yvonne Musonda-Malata, 35, was found guilty of failing to provide appropriate clinincal care over incident CAUTIONED: Midwife Yvonne Musonda-Malata A TRIBUNAL .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Not Child Friendly

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 20 , Nov 2013

Zimbabwe was ranked on the bottom 10 of the 52 African countries in a report on Child Friendliness issued by the African Child Policy Forum according to the African Report .. Read More →

South Africa`s Rape Cases Alarming

By Tatenda Chambwe , 20 , Nov 2013

South Africa suffers a lot of violence which is also underlined by high rape statistics. “The prevalence of rape and particularly multiple perpetrator rape is unusually high,” according to a .. Read More →

Qatar Hit By Floods

By Best Masinire , 20 , Nov 2013

The western Asian country of Qatar has been hit by a serious flood that has caused water pooling on local roads, resulting in people using boats and schools being closed. .. Read More →

Ghana Backs Down On Condom Tax

By Correspondent , 20 , Nov 2013

Accra (AFP) - Ghana on Tuesday backed down on a proposed tax on imported condoms after mooting increased levies on foreign-made goods as a way of cutting government debt. Finance .. Read More →

Kenyan Rhino Killed By Poachers In Brazen Attack

By Correspondent , 19 , Nov 2013

Isiolo (Kenya) (AFP) - Poachers slaughtered a rhino in one of Kenya's best guarded wildlife parks, officials said Tuesday, in a brazen attack highlighting the risks gunmen are taking during .. Read More →