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Obama Warns Museveni On Anti Gay Laws

By Correspondent , 18 , Feb 2014

KAMPALA- American President Barack Obama has warned that his country and Uganda’s relationship would be “complicated” if President Museveni assents to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. A statement from the White House .. Read More →

Drama As Ethiopian Co – Pilot Hijacks Plane In Effort To Seek Swiss Asylum

By Eugene Majuru , 18 , Feb 2014

Geneva - There was drama as the co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 plane hijacked his own aircraft and made threats to crash it and forced a landing in .. Read More →

Hindering Others Progress Is Fighting The Hand Of God : Buumba Malambo

By Correspondent , 17 , Feb 2014

By Buumba Malambo Zambia - Today I was excited as usual when my friend called me because for the past four weeks we have been celebrating the fact that the .. Read More →

UK Experiences Valentine`s Day Torrential Downpour

By Correspondent , 15 , Feb 2014

By Masimba Mukichi On Friday in South West Wales, the weather was calm and even the night sky was clear and it has a full bright moon shining after the .. Read More →

The Cry That Hit Against The Wall

By Correspondent , 14 , Feb 2014

By Wisdom Mumera The anger of the weak has shrillness to its sound. It grates against the grain of convention. And here convention is not your standard bible of morals .. Read More →

Six Die In Somalia Airport Car Bomb

By Hilda Desai , 13 , Feb 2014

Mogadishu – A car bomb which exploded close to the entrance of Mogadishu`s heavily fortified airport killed six people on Thursday. The bomb went off near a checkpoint at the .. Read More →

Panic As Tokwe Mukosi On Verge Of Flooding

By Correspondent , 13 , Feb 2014

By Raynard Tatenda The uncertainty surrounding the state of the Tokwe Mukosi Dam in Masvingo province of Southern Zimbabwe has caused widespread panic in the area with the government’s actions .. Read More →

Mandela`s Love Children Contest Will

By Correspondent , 12 , Feb 2014

By Masimba Mukichi Disbursement of funds from the late great Mandela’s will has hit a hard brick wall – two women who claim to be the love children of Mandela .. Read More →

Japan Launches Electronic Diaper

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 11 , Feb 2014

(News of The South) - A disposable organic sensor that can be embedded in a diaper and wirelessly let a carer know it needs changing was unveiled by Japanese researchers .. Read More →