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ZIMCOD Moblises Civil Society Ahead Of SADC Summit.

By Correspondent , 05 , Jun 2014

By NOMORE CHINODA and PRETTY CHAVANGO Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt Development (ZIMCODD) has mobilised the civil society and social movements to help address .. Read More →

Shock As 800 Babies Are Found Buried In Septic Tank

By Mildred Richards , 05 , Jun 2014

In a revelation of the troubled past of the Irish Catholic Church almost 800 babies and children were buried in a mass grave in Ireland close to a home run .. Read More →

Former Obote Minister Blasts Youths Over Museveni Cash

By Correspondent , 05 , Jun 2014

KABALE- Former Health minister in the Obote II government, Ezrah NKwasibwe, 74, has attacked youth who pretend to be patriotic but turn around and receive bribes from President Museveni and .. Read More →

Mugabe Receives Two Tourism Awards

By Correspondent , 05 , Jun 2014

By Nomore Chinoda Zimbabwe.(News of The South) - Zimbabwe on Wednesday received two tourism awards from the European Council on Tourism and Trade at a ceremony in Harare where President .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Set To Commence Work

By Correspondent , 04 , Jun 2014

By A Correspondent (News Of The South) - The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) will soon be operational following the appointment of a secretariat to carry out its programmes. ZHRC .. Read More →

White Widow Sighting Dismissed By Kenyan Police

By editor , 04 , Jun 2014

Nairobi – (News Of The South) - The world`s most wanted woman, British Samantha Lewthwaite, the 30 year old Muslim convert who has strong links with Al Shebab is still .. Read More →

British Yatchswoman Claims She Saw Missing Malaysian Plane On Fire

By Correspondent , 04 , Jun 2014

Ms Tee said she saw other planes nearby and thought they would have reported the burning plane. “I saw something that looked like a plane on fire,” she said. “Then .. Read More →

Cops Arrested At Roadblock For Bribes

By Correspondent , 04 , Jun 2014

By A Correspondent Zimbabwe, Gweru. (News Of The South) - The corruption fight in the Zimbabwe Republic Police force (ZRP) has gone a gear up as police are now policing .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Launches International Menstruation Hygiene Day In Seke

By Business Editor , 03 , Jun 2014

Tuesday saw the launching of International Menstruation Hygiene day in Chitungwiza`s s Seke high density suburb as thousands of teenagers and women especially in prisons in the country have no .. Read More →