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Harare Residents Resort To Water Harvesting

By Correspondent , 28 , Aug 2014

By Portia Sigauke (Own Correspondent) Zimbabwe, Harare. (News of The South)- August 28, 2014 -Erratic water supply and frequent water disconnections by the Harare City Council in high density suburbs .. Read More →

Mugabe Praised And Admired By African Diplomats

By Business Editor , 28 , Aug 2014

President Mugabe yesterday met African diplomats, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Speaker of the National People’s Congress, Zhang Dejiang in separate meetings, where they described him as an African .. Read More →

Chinese Premier Li Pledges Support For Zimbabwe

By Correspondent , 27 , Aug 2014

By John Chimunhu (News Of The South) - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has buttressed President Jinping's offer Of substantial economic aid for Zimbabwe. Li's statement Tuesday came a day after .. Read More →

A 56 Year Old Woman Fights Leopard With Bare Hands

By Correspondent , 27 , Aug 2014

Armed with just a sickle and an axe, most people wouldn’t have given a 56-year-old farmer in India a chance when a leopard came upon her in the field she .. Read More →

Make Your Emotions Work For You: Let Them Out

By Correspondent , 27 , Aug 2014

By Pearson Mbendera Each and every day we have to make decisions about many things. Even if you have nothing to do, it is a decision you make when you .. Read More →

Trashed Baby Battles For Life

By Correspondent , 27 , Aug 2014

KEARNS, Utah (AP) — A newborn baby was in extremely critical condition Tuesday after her 24-year-old mother left her in a neighbor's trash can in Utah, a state that allows .. Read More →

Tanzania ‘ s Albinos Facing Abuse

By Mildred Richards , 26 , Aug 2014

Geneva - The abuse of young albinos in government care centres in Tanzania was on Monday condemned by a Un expert. Albinos are killed and their body parts are sold .. Read More →

Britain’s First Ebola Patient Arrives In North London

By editor , 24 , Aug 2014

The first British national to contract Ebola arrived in North London on board a Royal Air Force jet on Sunday. The man, a nurse named William, contracted the virus in .. Read More →

Grace Mugabe's Entry In Politics To Benefit Zimbabwean Women

By Correspondent , 24 , Aug 2014

By V Nyatsuro, Mudzimai Wanhasi Zimbabwe.- Who could be a better candidate for the position to lead women,empowering them to contribute more to society,to build happy homes,build strong economies, improve .. Read More →