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Mystery Man Who Wore Shorts At Wedding Uncovered

By Correspondent , 30 , Apr 2015

After photos of him attending a wedding in shorts, Peter Irimayi Mudavanhu became an overnight sensation, literally taking over social networking sites in Zimbabwe. Many locals felt Mudavanhu’s dressing was .. Read More →

Energy Crisis In Rural Areas: Women Bear The Brunt

By Correspondent , 29 , Apr 2015

BY TAPUWA MASAWI. Zimbabwe. (News of The South) -Most women in the rural areas are still travelling long distances in search of firewood as deforestation is taking a toll on .. Read More →

Brazilian Transgender Prisoner Beaten Shaved And "Pulverised" By Police

By Correspondent , 29 , Apr 2015

Brazil.- GRAPHIC IMAGES of a Brazilian transgender prisoner who was reportedly stripped down, shaved and "pulverised" by police, have caused outrage across the country. Pictures show Veronica Bolina lying partially .. Read More →

Prepaid Water Meters Will Breed Diseases Warns Consumer Council

By Correspondent , 29 , Apr 2015

By Donald Nyarota. MUTARE, Zimbabwe. (News of The South)- A consumer protection organization has called on municipalities to come up with ways of recovering dues from defaulting ratepayers instead of .. Read More →

Zimbabwean Government Should Improve Access To Health Services

By Correspondent , 28 , Apr 2015

By Donald Nyarota. MUTARE. (News of The South)- Health experts have called on government to prioritize quality health service delivery by improving citizens' access to facilities. This call was made .. Read More →

Prophet Walter Masocha Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

By Correspondent , 27 , Apr 2015

A church leader who called himself "The Prophet" has been convicted of molesting members of his own flock. Walter Masocha, founder and Archbishop of the Stirling-based Agape for All Nations .. Read More →

Five Hung For Murder And Theft In Egypt

By Correspondent , 26 , Apr 2015

Cairo - Authorities in Egypt have hanged five people convicted of murder and theft, the interior ministry said on Sunday. They were executed in a prison in the southern province .. Read More →

Kenyan Ann Mukurima Found Love at Brussels Airport

By Correspondent , 26 , Apr 2015

I was born and raised in Kenya. At some point I decided to pursue education in America. I enrolled at University of California-Irvine. Immediately after school, I got a good .. Read More →

Coroner To Give Verdict On TB Joshua Church Collapse

By Correspondent , 26 , Apr 2015

Lagos - A verdict on the causes of a deadly church building collapse that killed 116 people in Nigeria's financial hub Lagos will be issued next month, the coroner probing .. Read More →