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Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe 2019 Message To Teachers

By Correspondent , 01 , Jan 2019

Ptuz President New Year Message to Teachers By Dr Takavafira Zhou. Greetings to you comrades. As we begin the new year, 2019, we look forward to the government to improve .. Read More →

MDC – T Press Statement On The Doctor’s Strike

By Correspondent , 31 , Dec 2018

MDC - T Press Statement Doctors and nurses play a very crucial role in the country's health delivery system. It's catastrophic for the majority of the peoples' healthcare if doctors .. Read More →

PTUZ Feedback From Meeting With President Mnangagwa

By Correspondent , 23 , Dec 2018

By Dr Takafira Zhou. Cdes, the PTUZ delegation today met with President Mnangagwa at his Munhumutapa Boardroom. We presented a number of grievances and made suggestions on what we believe .. Read More →

Which Politician Is Trending on Twitter?

By Mumera Wisdom , 23 , Dec 2018

| ChamisaMdc AllianceMnangagwa

Politics has shifted its base from traditional rallies, which are hard to organise, take time and are expensive, to the easily accessible platforms of social media where issues can be .. Read More →

The Egyptian Academy in Rome Emphasizes the Value of Cultural Diplomacy

By Correspondent , 20 , Dec 2018

An Interview with Gihane Zaki, Director, Egyptian Academy in Rome By Global News Press - Rome. Interview: M. Adham Al Sayed and Paul Arenson (ICCROM)6 When wandering in the streets .. Read More →

The Shona People From Zimbabwe Remain The Most Undiluted People In The World

By Eugene Majuru , 20 , Dec 2018

| Shona are transgenerationalShona are World's most Royal peopleShona Language is undilutedShona people retain their RoaltyShona people wear beads and most African countrys have copied thatShona peoples most popular ceremony is "bira" where communicste with the dead AncestorsTraditional pottery of the Shona people is of high qualityZimbabwe has many Princes and Princesses

By Eugene Majuru. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) – Shona is defined as a group of people living in Southern Africa. Well over ¾ of the population live in .. Read More →

How Britain’s New Brexit Immigration Plans Add Up

By Correspondent , 19 , Dec 2018

Biggest shake-up in border controls It has taken two home secretaries, nearly 18 months and several fraught arguments in Cabinet — but Britain’s government has finally published its blueprint for .. Read More →

This white paper doesn’t ‘change the debate’. It treats migrants as things

By Correspondent , 19 , Dec 2018

Maya GoodfellowThe lessons of Windrush have not been learned. This dehumanising document seeks to level down people’s rights They claimed it would change. As the news of the so-called Windrush generation dominated .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Still To Repatriate Remains Of Executed Zimbabwean Royals And Spiritualists Taken By British During First Chimurenga War

By Eugene Majuru , 16 , Dec 2018

| Chief Chingaira MakoniChief ChiwashiraChief MaponderaMbuya NehandaRepatriation of Zimbabwe Chimurenga war heroes from LondonSekuru Kavuvi

By Eugene Majuru. London. (News of The South) - Remains of Zimbabwe's First Chimurenga war heroes Mbuya Nehanda et al are yet to he repatriated to the Southern African nation .. Read More →