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President Mnangagwa Breaks New Grounds As He Pushes For Economic Turnaround

By Correspondent , 25 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Caoe Town, South Africa. (News of The South) - President Emmerson Mnangagwa's visit to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos Switzerland has opened a new political .. Read More →

Opposition Party Transform Zimbabwe Prepares For Congress

By Correspondent , 24 , Jan 2018

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Transform Zim is on a whirlwind tour across the country meeting it’s members as it prepares itself for next month’s .. Read More →

Former President Mugabe Not Missed at All

By Correspondent , 22 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Zimbabwe will never ever be led by any leader worse than Mugabe. No sane person can go beyond Robert's destructive .. Read More →

Roy And Heather Bennet Killed In Helicopter Crash In North America

By Correspondent , 19 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Roy and Heather Bennet have been tragically killed in a helicopter accident in North America . The two were greatest patriots of Zimbabwe. Roy Bennet was indeed .. Read More →

UDM Against Allocation Of 280 Cars To Zimbabwean Chiefs And Headmen

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2018

By United Democracy Movement Spokesman Mpiyezwe Nare. Harare, Zimbabwe. - Firstly Zimbabweans are not desperate to see traditional leaders driving around in new 4 x 4 vehicles. People know too .. Read More →

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government Must Read People’s Mood

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - The newly appointed executive of the government must be alert and put their ears on the ground and listen to .. Read More →

Let’s Close The Tap On Typhoid and Cholera Zimbabwean Government Urged

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2018

By Edward Makuzva. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Oxfam has urged government, City Council to close the tap on recurring Typhoid and Cholera outbreaks, offer to rehabilitate the .. Read More →

Welcome To The Dark Side Of Donald Trump

By Correspondent , 15 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Taking a walk into the world of our imaginations and picturing how our geo-political environment has taken us so far. .. Read More →

Jonathan Moyo Nervous And Emotional on BBC Hardtalk

By Correspondent , 11 , Jan 2018

 By Wa Magaisa. It was supposed to be an opportunity to construct an alternative and persuasive narrative explaining the events of November which led to the departure of former President, .. Read More →